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USMC Command Conference - Set #1

by: Rob Lively [ HUSKY1943 ]


The two (2) Marines come in a sturdy plastic box, with each bagged separately in plastic bags. The figures come in separate pieces. One Marine is molded standing, holding binoculars and slightly turned at the waist to his right. The second figure stands, listening to a phone set for a radio. The pose on this figure is really lifelike with his left leg kicked out slightly.

Both Marines wear the standard Herringbone Twill (HBT) uniform. Each man wears a web belt with Canteen and M1 ammo pouch. The Marine with the big eyes wears a K-bar knife and the other a .45 Colt in a leather pouch embossed with “US.” Both Marines have an M1 Carbine, and the Marine with the phone has a radio set. Both Marines have helmet covers and standard leather boots. The radio is an “SCR 300” or “Set, Complete Radio.” A straight wire (not coiled or pigtailed) would have to be added from the handset to the two left leads of the radio, a radio antenna on the right side, and shoulder straps could be added (since the radio was normally carried as a backpack – hence the term, “walkie-talkie.”) This radio could have been used in any theater during the entire war.

These Marines look battle-hardened and would not really represent early-war Devil Dogs. These figures could be anywhere in the Pacific, and could even be close to the front (but not really in it.) They could be used with Artillery, Infantry and Armor (in certain situations.) They could be rear-echelon. Either figure could range the lowest rank to General, although I figure that the one with the binos would be the higher rank.

The figures

The molding on these figures is really wonderful. Warriors really does a great job, but these two are really exceptional. The details are incredible. Both figures are in natural poses that are relaxed, but taunt and ready for anything to happen. They convey the fact that what they are doing is important. Both of the figures are “fighting from their pockets,” so they carry additional items in them, including a rolled up cap and documents. The pockets flare out and look really neat. The faces and expressions are standard “leatherneck,” and appropriate for their poses. The radio is rendered well, as are the two carbines. I tip my hat to Bill Chilstrom. The man has talent!!

There are some very minor problems with fit. The back of each left arm requires filler, with the radio talker requiring quite a bit (at least on my sample). Otherwise, the fit was superb and looking from the front of both figures, no filler is required at all (not even sanding.) I am discovering that resin, while providing gorgeous detail, can be unforgiving when being trimmed. Several times, I have been cleaning mold lines or pour stubs and revealed bubbles just beneath the surface. While these holes are easily filled, they can really be serious if you aren’t careful in cleaning the flash. Plus, the radio had such a considerable pour stub on the bottom, I broke off a chunk while cleaning. Nothing that sheet plastic can’t fix.


Overall, I really rate this set very high. Warriors’ figures are wonderful to work with and look at. I would really recommend these figures as either stand-alone or in a dio. Their unique poses make them exceptional. Highly recommended.

Thanks to VLS for providing the review sample.
Nice details and strong fit are the hallmarks of this two figure set of Marines offered by Warriors.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35566
  Suggested Retail: $25.98
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 17, 2005
  NATIONALITY: United States

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