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Militar Fahrzeug 2-2014
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has released the second of their quarterly magazines Militar Fahrzeug. These quarterly magazines look at a fair mix of military hardware from a number of nations and for that matter time periods as well.


Unfortunately for those that do not read German these magazines are published in German only, however do not let that put you off picking up a copy as there are a lot quality images for your reference. The magazine consists of 60 pages if you include the cover which is also used to print images on. The paper quality is I feel the same quality as the regular publications we are accustomed to from Tankograd Publishing, and the card cover is also comparable.

So what is between the covers this quarter;
Mungo 2 Mehrweck
This feature provides a walk around of Mungo 2 Mehrweck which is an armoured flatbed truck and judging from the pictures skip lorry with the German Armed Forces. This vehicle is a new one on me but it does have some lines that will appeal and due to its small size and uses could make for a good display, perhaps dropping off ammunition. I would like to see a kit of this vehicle released.

Panzer 1
The second main feature in the magazine is a short article on the panzer 1. This consists of a series of black and white photographs of what I believe are pre war and early war period. There is one colour photograph of an example in the Kubinka museum. A number of the pictures show training vehicles minus their turrets. One image that caught my eye shows a Panzer 1 that has come a cropper on a bridge.

Reforger 1980
The American Forces involved in the Reforger exercise of 1980 get a small photo feature. The images show a great selection vehicles in use by the Americans. I have noticed that colour images from this period are not the greatest, but they do provide a good mixed reference of vehicles and camouflage patterns in use.

Canadian M113 1965 68
The Canadians are not forgotten either with a short but good selection of images showing some nice reference for accuracy in your builds.

Aussie Abrams Battle Group
A selection of vehicles in use by the Australians Armed Forces at the current time, and which provides an insight into the recently released Vehicles of the Modern New Zealand and Australian Armies title from Tankograd Publishing.

LKW 10ton glw 6x6 Faun L908/54 VA
This is perhaps the best feature in the magazine as regards modellers. The schematics will be very helpful to anyone looking for reference on this truck, in particular the chassis, engine and axles are well covered. Also in this section of the magazine is a 1/35th scale drawing of the vehicle.


If you are on a budget and you like to get the most from your reference material purchases, then these quarterly magazines are a worthy consideration. In addition to the features I have briefly covered the Leopard of course makes an appearance and which has to be by far one of the most popular tanks in the modelling world unless WW2 is included. The price is reasonable for what you get and so I do feel this is a worthy regular publication if you have diverse interests.
Highs: Good mix of subject matter for a good price.
Lows: Being printed in the German language only limits the appeal of that aspect.
Verdict: well worth the consideration for those modellers with mixed interests.
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  Mfg. ID: Militar Fahrzeug 2-2014
  Suggested Retail: 8.95
  PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2014

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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