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Waste Container
Waste Container
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]


Plus Model is a model company from Czech Republic, well known for producing a wide variety of diorama accessories. The most recent addition to Plus Model accessory line is a set of modern day plastic waste containers, a very welcomed kit for all those building dioramas featuring modern, urban setting.


The set is packed in a typical Plus Model hard cardboard box, which features a box art image showing two waste containers assembled and painted. The parts of the set are sealed in plastic bags and additionally protected inside bubble wrap. An instruction sheet showing the assembly procedure is included as well.

The set consists of resin pieces, small PE fret and a decal sheet… everything a modeler needs for building two plastic waste containers. I counted 46 resin pieces in this set. The pieces are molded really well, but I did find seam lines going along the side of the main container parts that require some serious sanding. Other than that and some thin flash residue, I found no imperfections in the cast. Several pieces are thin and fragile, so extra care is needed when removing them from big resin carrier blocks. Small PE fret includes 8 pieces for the wheel mounts and the decal sheetcontains 20 decals. The decals depict 16 reflective striped delineators, 2 recycle symbols and 2 P.A.P decals. I couldn’t identify P.A.P. decals… perhaps the acronym is usedfor solid waste management in Czech Republic?

The containers featured in this kit are identical to the ones I see every day on the streets of my town, and I’m sure most European cities feature the same containers as well. These particular containers are used for general waste disposal, while similar containers with slightly different lids (painted in different colors for easy recognition) are intended to receive items for recycling: glass, plastic, paper, etc. The containers are standardized to 137x108x145 cm, with 1100 liter volume capacity. They feature round spring-supported sliding lid, 4 rubber wheels on heavy duty castors, lifting hooks and front lip with reinforcing ribs.

I measured Plus Model containers to see if they are dimensionally correct. The containers are 39x31x41 mm, which converts well to dimensions of the real thing. Additionally, Plus Model offering features all the details found on the real containers, wonderfully delivered in scale.


The instruction sheet is clear and easy to follow. I had no problems building the container whatsoever… after cleaning the pieces, it all goes together pretty fast. The pieces fit really well and I could keep the putty work to minimum. Note that the lid can be positioned open or closed, which adds some interesting variety for dioramas. The assembled piece looks very impressive and, after a paintjob (in my neck of woods these containers are usually in green or dark grey tones), these modern day plastic containers could be a very interesting focal point on any modern day diorama.


Plus Model did a good job on these 1/35 scale waste containers. The resin cast is good and the pieces fit well, making the kit easy to assemble. The containers are dimensionally correct and all the features of the real containers are really nicely portrayed in scale. The lid can be positioned open or closed, offering some diorama variety. PE parts and decals are definitely a bonus.

A great set for all those interested in building modern day dioramas.
Highs: Very impressive multimedia kit for building two modern plastic containers. Nicely cast resin pieces fit well and are easy to assemble. PE and decals are a big bonus.
Lows: Seam lines on main container parts.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 433
  Related Link: Plus Model website
  PUBLISHED: Apr 07, 2014

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Thanks for the review Mario, I've been waiting for these little beauties since they were first announced. As soon as they appear at my local stockist I'll be on 'em!
APR 08, 2014 - 06:03 AM
Nice little add-on set, I can find some uses for these I think!! Great review Mario...thanks!
APR 19, 2014 - 11:56 AM

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