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Park Lamps

by: Scott Lodder [ SLODDER ]

Park Lights

Another detail set from Custom Dioramics for your urban setting. This set is Park Lamps CD 6108, it will brighten any diorama.

When you get this kit it comes bagged with a header. The baggie is approximately 2"x 4" with a heavy stock header. There is a nice card stock backing material added to the baggie for stiffness and a protected ride through the mail. The kit parts are inside a small zip lock bag inside.
The kit

The kit is fairly simple, it has four pieces:

  • 2 x round base approximately 12mm wide by 5mm high

  • 2 x light poles approximately 58mm high

As you can tell you get enough parts for two light poles. This is nice in that you can add symmetry to your diorama by balancing either end of a street or sidewalk with a lamp pole. If all you have is room for one, then you have a spare for the next diorama.

The design is simple and straightforward. The pieces are nicely done because of the design. My kit has the tyical resin blocks on all parts. If you've used any 'round' resin parts you'll be familiar with the double thickness block. In order to make the part strong and easy to de-mold the resin block is designed to curve around part of the circumference and have a 'stair step' look in the back. This adds strength. It shouldn't create any problems when you go to remove them. I would recommend three cuts and clean up to do it. The first cut would run parallel to the rein block's main axis. The second two would run tangent to the outer curve. Then a bit of sandpaper work to clean up what's left.
Removing the resin block from the poles will be a multi step process also. For strength purposes the block is molded down around the cap. No big deal, just take your time.
There was a bit of very light flash on the poles. The poles also had a seam line that ran down one side. It was not a straight line either. It is very light and should pose no problems during clean up. Just realize that you are working with a round part and you have to be careful sanding or you will end up with a flat spot.


I really like the sculpting of this kit. I have seen a lot of diorama and I see the infamous Tamiya street light everywhere. In my other reviews I applaud CD for uniqueness, here too. These are not your everyday street light.
My only critique is their height. They appear to be fairly short. You can see a comparison in the images. The image has Tamiya's Street light (black), a Tamiya 1/35 scale figure right, and a VP resin 54mm civilian (left). I know that they are billed as "Park Lamps". This does warrant them being shorter and smaller in stature. I personally think they could be a bit taller. So, all I will do is cut of the pole and add some Plastruct to add height. Issue addressed.
In the end the flair these lamps will bring will justify the cost.
Go for something different. This simple resin kit will add a nice flair to your diorama and it's not your everyday street light.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: CD6108
  Suggested Retail: 7.98
  PUBLISHED: Jul 26, 2005

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