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WWI German Rucksacks
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by: Russ Amott [ RUSSAMOTTO ]


Plusmodel have released new items in commemoration of the start of the first world war. This set, German rucksacks, is unique but potentially limited in use at the moment, as the scale, 1/48, does not feature as many items as those announced in 1/35. Hopefully, that will change.


This set comes in a small plastic pouch with a cardboard insert to act as a package stiffener and protect the contents. It consists of 13 pour plugs. The first two are folded up tents and are fairly generic in appearance, expanding their usefulness. They are very well made (all the parts in this set are very well cast, with no flaws or issues that I could see) and show very sharp detail. The pour plug is on the base of the piece so no detail is lost in removal.

The next items are 3 different types of pack, two of each type represented. I don't know enough about specific equipment items to name each piece, but it appears that the first type has a bed roll wrapped around a pack box with a mess kit strapped to that. The second type is a bed roll or shelter wrapped up, the material noticeably different, with a mess kit attached to that. The third type is a heavy roll or shelter with a smaller roll tied to it. Again, detail is very good.

There are three identical blocks containing water bottles, mess kits, a small box and pouch, all to be attached to a belt and carried by the soldier. One separate block has two ammunition pouches and two larger bags that I think carry hand grenades.

Two helmets are provided-the early pikehaub with the spike on the top and the M-16 style helmet. Both feature internal webbing which is a very nice feature. There is also one entrenching tool.

The only downside to this set that I can see right now is the lack of anything to use it with. I suspect that maybe Plusmodel is working on a solution to that problem right now, as perhaps others are as well. The pieces look very good so I hope they can be put to use very soon.
Highs: Excellent casting quality, nice variety in the set.
Lows: Nothing much in the scale that I could find to use this set with.
Verdict: A well made accessory set that will hopefully find many useful applications.
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  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 4046
  Suggested Retail: $11.50 US
  PUBLISHED: Apr 26, 2014

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Darren, thanks again for getting this and the British set posted. I have found 1/48 aircraft accessories and figures-pilots mainly, but no regular infantry. Can anyone help with this?
APR 26, 2014 - 02:45 AM

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