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Panzer Aces #45
Panzer Aces Armour Modelling Magazine #45
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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]


Accion Press follows up Panzer Aces issue 44 that focused on German Panzerjaegers with issue 45 focusing on Soviet WWII armor. I for one am starting to really enjoy the focus on particular family of vehicles. It seems like it would certainly make it a lot easier to use the issue as a reference further on down the road.


The issue, like all of the Panzer Aces series, is printed on A4 glossy paper with some superb photography throughout. Each of the articles does a good job of laying out exactly which paints and finishing products were employed as well as just which kits and aftermarket goodies were used. The first article features a KV-85 flamethrower tank built using a couple of Trumpeter kits. The article features a nice piece on weathering metal tracks that can be helpful.

Radek Pituch shows what can be done with an older kit, in this case a first generation Dragon JS-2 kit. The article, and the model, includes a nice little feature on the three scratch built figures that Radek included, two crewmen and a recon squad leader painted up in the ‘amoeba’ camouflage pattern.

Next up are a pair of articles on what else, the T-34, one a 76 and the other an 85. The 76 is a 1/48 scale Tamiya kit that is integrated atop one of those seemingly impossible piles of urban rubble, abandoned and useless. Diego Quijano, the author, says it is more about the chaos and destruction of war than an attempt at 100% realism. It is an impressive piece for sure. The T-34/85 is the always eye catching Berlin bedspring iteration of the beast. Fabrizio Pincelli looks like he had too much fun rusting out and weathering the bedsprings!

Finally, the issue concludes with an article on the Voroshilovets artillery prime mover tractor from Trumpeter by Cristobal Duran. Much like the early builds in the issue, this one is impeccable. One small disappointment was that the lead photo of the kit shows it with the 203mm B4 monster gun, but that is its only appearance. Outside of that one small regret however, a great article and an undeniably cool tractor.


Another fine issue from Accion Press. I don’t know how other modelers feel about the focused issues but I like the idea. Anyone else have any thoughts regarding this new trend?
Highs: Great models of Soviet armor, great inspiration. Focusing on one type of subject matter makes the issue just a bit more useful for reference further down the road.
Lows: Some may not like the focused approach and instead prefer a more varied approach to modeling subjects.
Verdict: I like it, great issue and the focus of each issue works for me as well.
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  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: #45
  Suggested Retail: 11 Euros
  PUBLISHED: May 22, 2014

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