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WW1 Russian Weapons Set
WW1 Russian Infantry Weapons and Equipment
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]


Following on from the release of the 4 figure Russian Infantry Set ICM have released a set of WW1 Russian weapons and equipment independently from the set.

With figure and weapon/equipment sets already released for the Austro-Hungarians, Russians and a German set of Weapons and equipment and with the future release of German, French and British Infantry and weapon and equipment sets for both French and British ICM have leapt ahead in the provision of possible builds for the Great War period.

All of these releases are most welcome and many would say long overdue. So letís have a look at whatís in the box.

The Set

The set comes packed in a sturdy box showing a colour picture of the content and displays the manufacturers logo and product details. Inside the box are two sprues of buff coloured plastic and a double sided A 4 sheet of building and painting instructions. The parts are contained in a clear re-sealable plastic envelope.

The instructions are fairly clear and easy to follow and give a detailed listing of the 32 items in the set. A painting guide is also provided with suggested model master colours.

The moulding and detail of the weapons is truly excellent and the absence of any flash immediately obvious. So what do you get; well 64 items in total as there are two sprues of parts as follows:

  • Mosin rifle Bayonet x 2
  • Mosin rifle bayonet in scabbard x 2
  • Mosin rifle bayonet scabbard x 2
  • Mosin infantry rifle with bayonet x 4
  • Mosin infantry rifle x 4
  • Mosin dragoon rifle x 4
  • Mosin carbine x 4
  • Mosin rifle pouch x 8
  • Winchester rifle x 4
  • Winchester rifle bayonet in scabbard x 2
  • Winchester rifle bayonet and scabbard x 2
  • Madsen machine gun x 2
  • Abtomat x 2
  • Nagant revolver x 2
  • Nagent revolver holster x 2
  • Bebut daggar scabbard x 2
  • Bebut dagger x 2
  • Bebut dagger in scabbard x 4
  • Officer sabre in scabbard x 2
  • Officer sabre scabbard x 2
  • Officer sabre x 2
  • Dragoon sabre in scabbard x 4
  • Mess tin x 4
  • Canteen x 4
  • Shovel x 4
  • Shovel in case x 4
  • Zelinsky gas mask x 4
  • Rdultovsky grenade x 6
  • Binocular case x 2
  • Binoculars x 2
  • Adrian helmet of Russian Pattern x 4
  • Solberg helmet x 4


A very detailed and extensive range of weapons are provided. There are no Heavy Machine Guns in this set but both the Maxim1910 and 1910/30 are available as separate kits.

All the weapons seem very detailed and accurate. From my limited knowledge of Russian weaponry this looks like a cracking set and a very useful one for figure and diorama builders. Bolts and bayonets can be added to the rifles as required, the Madsen MG can be displayed with the legs raised or lowered. The additional sabres, helmets and mess tins are all very useable items.

ICM are to be congratulated for their efforts here, these should be very welcome by those who build in this genre and is the first WW1 Russian Infantry weapons set I know of.

Highs: Excellent detail and selecton of kit.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35672
  PUBLISHED: Jun 18, 2014

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