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Militär Fahrzeug 4-2014
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has released the last edition of their quarterly magazine for 2014. Armorama has been sent a copy of this release to provide our members with a look inside.


Militär Fahrzeug is a magazine produced by Tankograd Publishing and released on a three monthly schedule. The magazine is printed entirely in German, which can affect its enjoyment by people who cannot read German; however the pictures inside cover a wide array of time periods, events and military hardware. This quarters issue has 56 pages printed on a good quality glossy paper. The images are for the most part in full colour, but depending on the period covered there are some which are only available in black and white. This latest edition of the magazine covers nine main features which I will cover in a little more detail in this review.

This heavy vehicle mover has been covered in a dedicated book release from Tankograd Publishing during this period and this article provides a shorter walk around for those who perhaps cannot justify purchasing a dedicated book on the subject. This article does provide a reasonable look around and even provides a peak into the cab. Perhaps the most interesting pictures depict the Mammut loaded up with various heavy armoured vehicles.

The Hummel self propelled anti-tank gun gets a look in next with a series of black and white images of the Hummel in use during World War Two. Along with the black and white images there are also 3 prints provided. A number of the images in this magazine article show the Hummel being transported by train. The images that show the Hummel in the field should prove useful for those that like to display their models in vignettes or dioramas.

Yamaha Grizzly
The British get a look in next with a quick look at the Yamaha Grizzly 450 ATV. These bikes have seen a lot of use in the British Army, even being sent to Afghanistan and while I would feel a little naked in a warzone on one of these I suspect there are a number of British troops who have had a blast throwing one of these quads around on Salisbury Plain. Tankograd Publishing has also provided a look at the trailer that seems to follow this quad around nearly everywhere it goes, to the extent that it even shares the same wheels.

Beobachtungspanzer Artillerie Leopard
The Leopard being shown in perhaps one of its less sexiest roles as an artillery spotting vehicle. This feature consists of, I believe a single vehicle being covered from a number of angles, and with a very interesting paint scheme in place. Looking at the state of this leopard I almost feel sorry for it, but I feel even sorrier for the poor sod who has to clean it. A particularly nice inclusion with this feature is a 1/35th scale side on view of the vehicle.

M56 Scorpion
The M56 self propelled anti-tank gun gets a look in next, and covers the vehicle in German service. The images are again all in black and white, but do not let bother you as they are some very good quality images. The photograph that caught my attention shows very clearly an impressive gun depression, and that if positioned well would make the M56 almost completely unseen.

The Australians land next with an impressive light truck the G-Wagon. The G-Wagon in its four and six wheel version seems to follow the fighting forces of Oz everywhere they go, a bit like the Brits and the Land Rover. I am unaware of any models of the G-Wagon being available at this time; however Tankograd Publishing in this magazine has offered up some interesting finishing options.

82nd Engineering Battalion
The Americans are the next to arrive with a bang. Providing a short article on the 82nd Engineering Battalion, this article shares images of a number of vehicles used by the engineering teams to help the fighting forces go under, over or through obstacles in their path. Clearing mines, bridging rivers and preparing positions is just some of what these units do.

TR-85M1 Bizonul
Romania is the next stop for this magazine and a look at the TR-85M1 Bizonul. I am afraid I know nothing about this tank, but the colour images provided in the magazine do provide a surprisingly good look round. The close up detail images provided I found particularly interesting, if for no other reason than they were new to me.

The Jumbo
The Americans bring this issue of Militär Fahrzeug to a close with a great selection of World War two period black and white images of the Sherman Jumbo. The Sherman has quite a following and I know that the name Jumbo crops up in the forums quite often, so these images are a nice selection to have on hand. Two of the images provided here do a good job of showing the desolation that is caused by war on structures and man, quite a few of the faces seen here scream take me home while what was once a city is turned into something resembling a quarry.


This magazine not being available in English does affect its appeal, but the pictures alone are well worth the price Tankograd Publishing is asking. You also need to take into account in this electronic age that while some of the images could possibly be found online, I doubt that they all could and getting them in one place is I feel worth the price.
Highs: Great photographs throughout the magazine.
Lows: Being in German only, hurts its appeal.
Verdict: Well worth the price for the photographic jewels within.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 4-2014
  Suggested Retail: 8.95 Euro
  PUBLISHED: Oct 27, 2014

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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