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Modern Stowage and Canvas
General Modern Stowage and Canvas
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]


Pro Art Models specializes in producing high-quality resin conversions, update sets and accessories for modern military vehicles in 1/35 scale. Anyone interested in adding extra gear to their models can find a lot of very useful goodies in Pro Art’s portfolio and the latest release from the company is a new set of stowage which includes some unique pieces of equipment never produced in 1/35 scale before: General Modern Stowage and Canvas (PAU-35059).


I received this set even before it was officially released, hence the zip-lock bag packaging. Now that the set is out it comes in a usual Pro Art hard cardboard box with the boxart image I attached to the header of the review.

The set consists of 18 stowage pieces molded in cream colored resin. The resin is absolutely perfect and I found no air-bubbles or seam lines to clean. The only downside to Pro Art’s resin is its light color… it is extremely difficult taking photos which would display all the details of these pieces well. However, I can assure you the quality of resin is of highest standard with all the fine points popping out after a thin coat of primer.

The set includes 9 different stowage pieces (2x each):

- 2 different tent canvas w poles,
- 2 different tent rolls,
- 3 different duffle bags,
- sleeping bag,
- fire blanket bag.

The stowage pieces included in this set represent additional gear often seen strapped to or stowed inside military vehicles. Most of the pieces are generic canvas or bags, offering realistic looking folds and creases as well as nicely detailed straps and buckles. One thing stands out a bit though… fire blanket bag. Fire retardant blankets are sometimes carried in addition to fire extinguisher, offering extra protection in case of fire emergency. Fire blanket bags included in this set feature nicely depicted lettering and, when painted red, could offer a brightly colored focal point on 1/35 scale models.


Bags, backpacks, crates, boxes, rolls, tents and tarpaulins, jerry cans, ammo cans... modern military vehicles are packed with all kinds of stowage. As the name suggests, General Modern Stowage and Canvas (PAU-35059) from Pro Art Models consists of 18 resin pieces depicting various stowage items in 1/35 scale. Perfectly cast and with well defined details, this set of generic canvas tarps, rolls and bags can fit almost any modern vehicle of any nationality. A special bonus is definitely a fire blanket bag, a piece that was not produced in this scale before.
Highs: Nicely cast and realistic looking set of various stowage items suitable for almost any modern vehicle. A perfect addition for all those who like packing their models with extra gear.
Lows: None.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: PAU-35059
  Related Link: Pro Art website
  PUBLISHED: Nov 09, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United States

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