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CMP C8A HUP - Restored Office and Staff Vehicles
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]



Wings and Wheels Productions (WWP) will be familiar to many already, they have an excellent range of photographic walkabouts of various vehicles that are both useful to modellers, vehicle enthusiasts and restorers alike. The book is specifically aimed as a photo manual for modellers.

This is a look at one of the recent releases on the Canadian Military Pattern Utility (HUP) C8A.

The book

The book measures just over 9 ˝ inches by 9 inches and is finished in a high gloss fashion. Consisting of 108 pages of good quality colour photographs and short texts, it features two main vehicles, the CMP HUP C8A Personnel Carrier owned by Mr. Ivan Jedlicka which is covered on pages 4 to 40 and the CMP HUP 8A Office owned by Mr. James Baxter pages 41 to 102.

The CMP HUP C8A Personnel section in broken down into full exterior photographs (including the chassis), coupled with a detailed walk around of both the exterior and front and rear interior. The quality of the photographs is excellent and will provide a detailed close up look at the various parts of the vehicle.

The CMP HUP 8A Office covers the same format as the first walk around but also includes detailed photo graphs of the open engine and from pages 78 to 101 it gives detailed photographs of the vehicles set up as an ‘in the field’ working office and the additional type of equipment that one might expect to find.

The remainder of the book from pages 102 to 105 gives additional pictures of the exterior and interior when the vehicle was used as an ambulance. Although there are only 13 photographs in this section they should give sufficient detail should you wish to produce an ambulance version.

Page 106 through to 108 give some exterior pictures of the Wireless version of the C8A.


The book is of excellent quality and gives a general overview of the use of the Canadian Military pattern HUP 8A coupled with detailed walk arounds of two excellent vehicles.

The addition of the full office layout is a plus for those interested in a more dynamic display and although I would have liked more pictures of the ambulance version and some of the interior of the Wireless version the use of currently available data coupled with the book should make the production of either of these vehicles doable to a decent standard, by those with sufficient skill.

Whilst restored vehicles are a great source of detail you should always check period references if you wish to build a specific variant of the vehicle.

WWP have produced another terrific resource for modellers and those interested in period vehicles in general.
Highs: Great quality photographs and close up detail.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: R076
  PUBLISHED: Nov 29, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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