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IDF jerry cans
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by: Sven Harjacek [ SHARJACEK ]


Add on parts is a model accessories and diorama details company from Belgium. They offer unique and much needed accessories, which can be hard to find or havenít been done in the past. They have resin, ceramic, paper and photo-etched sets and will have dry transfer sets in future. All of their products are high quality and require minimum to none cleaning up.


This set, number 35-0110 comes in a clear, blister style packaging. The parts are well protected during transport and none of my pieces suffered any damage. The set contains 12 Israeli jerry cans which are cast in grey resin, they are of a high quality and no imperfections can be seen. The clean-up is minimal. Add on parts doesnít specify a time period for these jerry cans and it is hard to determine as they donít look like the early or the late IDF jerry cans. The handle is too thick to be either an early or late model of the Israeli jerry. The newer Israeli jerry cans feature ribs on the bottom and these donít have any ribs. That made me assume that they were trying to portray the older model of the jerry can. Unfortunately this set is not very accurate and I would suggest it to be used as a generic jerry can and not specifically an IDF one.

I must say that it makes me happy that I see more and more diorama and accessories companies who produce high quality and reasonably priced sets and pieces which make the lives of modelers easier. Add on parts features some really interesting sets and I would highly recommend everyone to check them out and decide for themselves. Unfortunately it seems that Add on parts hasnít done a thorough research on this one and it is inaccurate. If you are looking for IDF jerry cans I would recommend looking for another set, however if you need generic jerry cans for a diorama setting or something else these are beautifully done in regards of casting.

I would like to thank Add on parts for providing me with the review samples. Be sure to watch one of my next W.I.P topics as Iím going to include this set, pictures of painted and weathered pieces will be added to this review after I finish them.
Highs: High quality casting with no imperfections.
Lows: Not accurate.
Verdict: If you need an accurate IDF jerry can this set is not very useful but it is useful as a generic jerry can for a diorama or something of that sort.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35-0110
  Suggested Retail: 9.95Ä
  Related Link: Add on Parts website
  PUBLISHED: Nov 23, 2014

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