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M992A2 FAASV US Army Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (for M109)
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing is at it again and has released another batch of books just in time for Christmas, with 8 new titles hitting the shelves or available online and all 8 can be seen on here over the coming weeks. Here we get to look at the 5th book in the In Detail Fast Track releases covering the M992A2 FAASV. This book will I suspect come in very handy for the three promised releases of models covering this vehicle.


Firstly it needs highlighting that it is important to remember that the printing of this title is limited to 999 copies and so if you decide you want one donít hang about. The M992A2 FAASV is No.5 in the In Detail Fast Track series from Tankograd Publishing. The book is a paperback offering containing 40 pages and is roughly A4 in size. There are 75 colour photographs inside covering the M992A2 FAASV. The book begins with 2 pages of text all written in English, which breaks down as follows:
M992A2 Technical Description

The book then moves onto the reference pictures, with each picture in the book accompanied by a good written description. It starts with a couple of wide angle photographs which offer some guidance to weathering for the modeller; however you only get to see the front and left side in both images. I do like that one shows the M992 doing its job of feeding an M109A6. The images then switch to the vehicle used for the rest of the images, an M992A2 that is in what I have started to call Gulf War yellow; I would have liked to see a three colour camouflaged vehicle used, but a benefit of this is that the colour shows the subtle weathering that takes place in many areas.

The guide starts with a good all round view of the M992 and allows you to get an idea of weathering detail present on the vehicle, and it also helps you to place the details covered in more detail later in the book. Of particular note here is the muck that the crew heater and exhaust kicks out and how it looks after a light shower I believe. These images can also be used for looking at track wear and tear and how they sag on a static vehicle.

The hull then comes under closer inspection which progresses in a logical manner around the vehicle. These images really do enable you to pick up on the weathering of the vehicle and surprisingly rust is present in some unusual spots. The anti-slip coating on the example in these pictures is very heavily worn and that makes it very hard to work out placement of this detail that is not to say it is impossible but it does mean the modeller will need to put in the effort to see it. When the images of this vehicle were taken the crew or someone were happy to open covers and doors, and this will allow the more adventurous of us to consider some internal structures and details. Of particular note are the images of the roof area, from experience I know how hard it is to get photographs of the turret tops and the like, so these images will help most with that area and the 50-cal MG mounted on the hatch.

The interior is not forgotten in this publication from Tankograd Publishing and is covered very well. The interior space is surprisingly small and I suspect results in it not being the most comfortable vehicle to crew when it comes to getting some sleep. That aside all of the detail is covered here; if your skills allow you could make a very convincing interior from these images. This is one of the nicest interior photographic walkarounds I can remember seeing in print, when you think of four crewmembers being in the small area claustrophobia springs to mind.


This is another great reference title from Tankograd Publishing in their fast track series, and will be an excellent reference source when models of the M992 are finally released. The reference images should provide all of the detail needed for building an accurate model and provides that all important weathering detail.
Highs: Great all colour photographic reference showing the M992 inside and out.
Lows: I would again like to see Tankograd consider including 1/35th and 1/72nd scale drawings with this title and the series generally.
Verdict: With only 999 copies being printed and if you intend to pick up an M992 when the kits become available you will need to pick one of these up fast. Highly recommended.
  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: Fast Track 05
  Suggested Retail: Ä11.95
  PUBLISHED: Nov 25, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United States

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