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Soviet Motorised Infantry
Soviet Motorised Infantry 1943-45
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


A recent release from ICM features four Soviet infantry and an elderly female. The figures are depicted as being on a truck that has stopped and giving or receiving a loaf of bread from the elderly female.


This figure set is provided on a single tan sprue packed in a re-sealable plastic bag, this is further packaged in a cardboard tray with a card lid. The packaging should hold up to the postal service as long as they are not overly aggressive with it, an important point in these days of internet shopping. The moulded parts are very clean with no flash or imperfections that jumped out at me. The gates between the sprue and the parts are small in size and not excessive in number.

The Soviet Motorised Infantry while depicted on a truck in the product artwork could also be used on a tank or similar and will look the part. The build of the figures I would describe as slight in stature, something that is becoming more usual with figures from a number of manufacturers. Uniform detail is good overall with nice natural looking crease detail, however the uniform is more suited to a warmer weather period than cold. All of the figures have decorations in one form or another depicted in the artwork and this detail has been subtlety replicated in the mouldings, this detail will require very careful painting to get the most from it.

The mouldings do have very light seam lines present and these should be very easy to clean up. The facial detail is also very good and should not need replacing with resin offerings in my opinion. The faces are all different to look at and I really like this aspect of these figures. The hand and finger detail is also of a high standard which should met favourably by most modellers. There are three weapons supplied with this set which are a PPSh 41 with drum magazine which is moulded separately and two PPS machine guns. The detail on the weapons looks good to me but the barrels will need to be drilled to enhance the look of them. The correct ammunition pouches are supplied along with water canteens and a sack.

The elderly female figure looks to be suitably dressed to me and I am pleased that ICM have moulded the legs and the skirt separately as this will improve the look of the figure. Hand and face detail are again very good allowing the possibility of a great looking figure if the painting skills are up to the task. The female is supported by a stick in the left hand and reaching up with the right to give or receive a loaf of bread.


These figures thoughtfully posed in a diorama have the ability to look very good; they offer the modeller a chance to show the other face of war rather than the killing. The figures are of a good standard and should not only meet but also exceed the expectations of most modellers where injection moulded figures are concerned. ICM has done a very good job here and should be praised for their efforts.
Highs: Everything about these figures is good and should allow a modeller to get what their skills can manage.
Lows: No obvious faults noted at this stage.
Verdict: Well worth picking up if you see them available.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35635
  PUBLISHED: Dec 09, 2014

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