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Magach 6B Gal Batash Set
Magach 6B Gal Batash Detailing Set for Accademy kits
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by: Dave Oliver [ ISHERMAN ]


Legend Productions have made quite a name for themselves producing high quality resin detail and conversion sets for many existing kits. For the Israel Defence Force (IDF) modeller, their products are invaluable when it comes to super detailing many of the weird and wonderful vehicles deployed by the IDF. Having already produced a conversion set for the 1/35th scale M60, this super detailing set utilises some of the parts from there while obviously omitting the replacement turret and a few other items.

The Kit

The set comprises of:
  • 54 resin parts
  • 2 photoetch frets
  • 0.3mm brass wire
  • 0.5mm brass wire
  • 0.8mm brass rod
  • Nylon thread

The Review

Having reviewed the Academy 1/35th Magach 6B Gal Batash kit a few months back, itís interesting to see the areas that Legend Productions have focused on improving. As I noted in my review, some of the hull detail was a little bit primitive especially compared to the new turret mouldings. Legend Productions have provided new stowage boxes that are a big improvement on the kit items along with many smaller details in resin and photo etch for various fixtures and fittings including bolts and hinges to add detail to the rather basic hull. The mantlet cover is particularly well moulded, with the canvas displaying both realistic folds and the correct texture replacing the less intricate kit item. The detailed commanders hatch is another nice touch with both the interior and exterior being very nicely represented.

One of the most intricate assemblies is a small rack for the turret MG ammo boxes, both P.E and resin parts are utilised. Assembly looks fiddly, but again the finished article would be far more detailed than the kit item, so well worth the effort. The Machine guns themselves are also very well cast, with the mounting points and the magazines also being nicely rendered.

The floor of the turret basket is replaced with a P.E item that looks like it might require a little fettling to get into position but having used several Legend Productions sets, the fit shouldn't be a problem.

If there are any criticisms, it would have been nice to have had a length of wire for the tow cable as opposed to nylon thread which is supplied with kit anyway. The picture based instructions look reasonably comprehensive, with clear indication as to where the kit parts need modifying or replacing. Obviously, it is only during assembly that their accuracy can be put to the test, but again from personal experience, Legend Productions are pretty thorough in covering every stage of construction, with most parts clearly numbered which makes life easier. Taking time to double check the instructions will pay dividends here.


Once again Legend Productions have produced a high quality set which complements the well rendered kit parts an replaces the rather less detailed kit items. The resin has no defects or air bubbles and is complemented by the well thought out photo etch parts. If there is any criticism, it would have been nice to have a wire tow rope to replace the nylon item and personally, the turret basket tarpaulin that came with the original conversion set would have been nice to have as an option, but these are small criticisms. All in all this contains pretty much everything needed to detail the exterior of the Academy kit.
Highs: Very high degree of moulded detail. Top quality resin, with no air bubbles what so ever.
Lows: String for the tow rope seems a little antiquated. Instructions need to be studied carefully.
Verdict: Legend Productions have produced another great detailing set which rectifies some of the flaws and detail inconsistencies on the Academy kit, while at the same time adding a whole raft of minor details.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1289
  PUBLISHED: Feb 03, 2015

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
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