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Filter Set: German Tanks
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


Getting the right shade or tone on German vehicles, whether camouflaged or single color can easily be acchieved via the application of a filter to the painted model. Ammo by Mig has released a Filter Set for German Tanks, containing three common filter colors that can be used on German armored vehicles.


Inside the package you will find three bottles of enamel based filters in three shades:
Blue for Dark Grey (A.MIG-1509)
Tan for 3 Tone Camo (A.MIG-1510)
Brown for Dark Yellow (A.MIG-1511)


Ammo by Mig has released a set containing three common filter colors for German armored vehicles, blue for dark grey, tan for camouflage, and brown for dark yellow. The colors are filters that can be applied directly from the bottle to your build. The colors, while designated for a specific paint color or scheme can be used on any build for the desired filter effect.

The filters are an enamel base, and can be applied directly over acrylic paint. If applying over enamel paint, I would advise a coat of acrylic clear first. The filters apply well, the only issue I found was that the pigments in the filters tend to settle quickly, and they require constant stirring. This could be somewhat alleviated by putting a small amount in a shallow dish or cup.

To experiment with the shade, I painted a primed card with Vallejo Dark Yellow, Panzer Green, and Tank Brown. Applying the three shades provides a different effect each. The blue filter provided a blueish shade, but it is really not meant for the three tone camouflage. I did apply it to a square of German Grey, and it does provide a good looking blueish tint to the grey. The brown filter provided a very slight change in three tone, but did provide a slight depth in the dark yellow. The tan provided a dark shade, and provided a good looking blend of the three tone camouflage.

I also experimented with applying the brown and tan to my latest build, a BMP-3 with a three color camouflage of tan, Russian green, and tank brown. I do like the slight variation in depth that is added, as well as slightly bringing the colors together.

While the colors are included in this set, they are also available individually.


These new enamel based filters from Ammo by Mig are a quick and convenient way to apply a filter to a German armored vehicle. While the shades are stated for specific colors and schemes, the use is unlimited in their use on many colors to achieve a desired effect. The only real draw back I found was the quick settling of the pigments. Overall this is a great set to get you started in applying filters and/or a method of applying a quick filter to a build, I recommend these filters.
Highs: Good selection of colors for German AFV's.
Lows: Pigments settle fast.
Verdict: Great starter set for applying filters to German AFV's, recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: A.MIG-7453
  PUBLISHED: Feb 01, 2015

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Nice review, Kevin. How are these different from his MIG filters?
FEB 01, 2015 - 12:17 AM

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