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Aussie Land Rover Perentie
In Detail Fast Track No 7
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has spoilt Armorama by sending us copies of their titles due for release in March this year. This time around Tankograd Publishing has released 4 new titles in their ‘In Detail Fast Track’ series of titles covering the Aussie Land Rover Perentie, M88A2 Hercules,RG-31 Mk 5 and Husky VMMD. This review takes a look inside the cover at the Aussie Land Rover Perentie.


This title consists of 40 pages inside a glossy card cover and is printed in a panoramic approach as opposed to the usual portrait approach.


This release covering the Aussie Land Rover Perentie from Tankograd Publishing is No 7 in their ‘In Detail Fast Track’ series. The text in the book is in English only and only covers 2 pages of the 40 in the book. The photographs that fill the rest of this title are all of a good quality and printed on a good quality glossy paper. Each of the images is accompanied by a good descriptive text, which is very handy when hunting for something specific.

The Australian Armed forces are well into a phase out of their Land Rover fleet and this phase out is expected to be complete around 2016 when their replacement, the G wagon is due to have completely replaced them. The Australians are believed to have had a fleet of various Land Rovers numbering around 4,200, the exact number not being known. Most of the vehicles are based on the Land Rover 110 and are a mix of British and Australian built vehicles. The vehicles featured in this book are;
4x4 truck, utility, lightweight
4x4 truck, utility, lightweight, winch
4x4 truck, utility, lightweight, FFR
4x4 truck, utility, lightweight, FFR, winch
4x4 truck, carryall, lightweight, senior commander, FFR, winch
4x4 truck, carryall, lightweight, personnel carrier
4x4 truck, panel, lightweight, survey, FFR, winch
4x4 truck, surveillance, lightweight, winch (RSFV)
4x4 truck, surveillance, reconnaissance vehicle (SRV-SF), lightweight, FFR, winch
6x6 truck, cargo, light
6x6 truck, crew cab, light, winch
6x6 truck, ambulance, 4 litter, FFR, winch
6x6 truck, general maintenance, light, winch
6x6 truck, electronic repair, light
6x6 truck, interim infantry mobility vehicle, light, FFR, winch
6x6 truck, direct fire weapons, light, winch
6x6 truck, mortar carrier, light, winch
6x6 truck, assault pioneer, light, winch
6x6 truck, air defence, light, winch
6x6 truck, satellite communications vehicle parakeet
6x6 truck, long range patrol, light, winch


This is not one of my favourite titles in the ‘In Detail Fast Track’ series, not because it is a poor quality but due to, in my opinion trying to cover too much in one title. The list of vehicles is considerable and due to the pictures for the most part taking up a whole page a modeller looking to replicate a specific vehicle may struggle to find the details they seek. There are a couple of short walk around’s present in this title, but I cannot help feeling that at the very least the 4x4 and 6x6 should have been split into separate titles. With all of that said if you are looking for general information rather than specific, then this title will provide a good reference guide in that respect.
Highs: High quality pictures with helpful descriptive text.
Lows: Too many variants covered for the number of pages.
Verdict: It depends on what exactly you are looking for as to the worth of this title to you.
  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: Fast Track 07
  Suggested Retail: €11.95
  PUBLISHED: Feb 02, 2015
  NATIONALITY: Australia

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