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T 64 Lenses and Taillights
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


SKP Model has sent us a set of the latest offering in their lenses and taillights product line, this time around it is the T-64 in SKP Models sights. The lenses and taillights have been designed for the T-64 from Trumpeter.


This latest release is as most have come to expect from SKP Model, a high quality product and at a realistic price. In the now typical packaging in this line from SKP Model, the lenses and taillights are supplied on a single fret of photo etch inside a Ziploc bag, the bag is in turn stapled and labelled to a hanging card. On the card are the product details such as code, name and scale.

In this set we are offered three sizes of infra red lenses, two of those lenses are supplied with separate photo etch framing rings. I have noted that this review sample has the resin portion of the lenses is slightly off centre; however as this is a fraction of a millimetre it does not cause me undue concern, this is especially true as it is most easily seen on the largest lenses and these have the photo etched rings. The taillight is supplied as a single red lens with a photo etched cover that splits the lens.

The half moon front headlight is included and again is provided with a separate photo etched part to replicate the shield; this shield can be used either open or closed depending on your needs. The front headlight also has very good detail behind the clear lens and it is this sort of detail that makes them so realistic. The last items included are the very small convoy lights and you are supplied with three red and two green lenses. Costing just 7.99 for this lenses and taillights set make them a very affordable upgrade, an upgrade that replicates lights better than any other way I know.


Despite this review sample having lenses that are fractionally off centre does not alter my opinion of the product; when it comes to modern vehicles specifically, these lenses and taillights sets have the ability to really lift an area of your model better than any other method I have seen or heard of. The depth of colour and detail behind the lenses is a real winner to my mind.
Highs: These lenses are a great detail for bringing realism to your models.
Lows: The lenses in this sample are fractions of a mm off centre and a placement guide would be nice.
Verdict: An affordable upgrade for making the lights on your models an eye catcher.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SKP 191
  Suggested Retail: 7.99
  PUBLISHED: Feb 17, 2015

Our Thanks to SKP Model!
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