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Militär Fahrzeug 2-2015
Militär Fahrzeug 2-2015
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing has released the second edition of their quarterly magazine for 2015. Armorama has been sent a copy of Militär Fahrzeug 2-2015 to provide our members with a look inside the covers. What does interest me with this release is that normally there are segments from the other titles released at the same, but not on this occasion.


Militär Fahrzeug is a quarterly magazine from Tankograd Publishing. The text in this magazine is entirely in German which may deter some from looking these magazines up. I will admit that if you are unable to read German you will miss out on a lot of the information contained in this magazine, but the pictorial information between its covers looks at a broad range of subjects which should have enough appeal to satisfy most modellers. The range of subjects covered can also make Militär Fahrzeug a cheap source of reference material as Tankograd Publishing often provides some of the images from their range of new releases as short segments.

This edition of Militär Fahrzeug is printed on thinner paper than the usual publications from Tankograd Publishing; however the paper stock is a glossy paper which does promote the pictures very well. This edition has 56 pages that are bound in a card cover and this should keep the magazine in good order after the reader has thumbed through it. Inside you will find features on the:
  • Schützenpanzer Puma
  • Polish Leopard 2A5
  • Buffel
  • ITV – Internally Transportable Vehicle
  • Kingtiger 213 of the Museum La Gleize
  • Field Parade 1962 in Mourmelon
  • Canadian Centurions in Germany
  • Special Forces RG-33A1 CATISOCOM
  • Black Eagle 2014
  • Leopard 2A7 Details

All of these articles are accompanied with very high quality photographs, and that includes the black and white images from World War 2.


While taking into account that many of you reading this will not be able to read German, I still urge you to give this publication a look before dismissing it out of hand. The cost of €8.95 is not excessive and they do have some excellent reference material between the covers. I would like to see this printed in English or at the very least the captions printed in both German and English to maximise the appeal to those who don’t read German, but are still interested in what this magazine has to offer. Perhaps if more people showed an interest in this magazine duel language printing would be reconsidered.
Highs: A great mix of subjects that have very high quality photographs to provide visual reference.
Lows: If you do not read German you cannot gain all of the information available.
Verdict: For the very reasonable price and mix of subjects this magazine is well worth picking up.
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  Mfg. ID: Nr. 2-2015
  Suggested Retail: €8.95
  PUBLISHED: Mar 12, 2015

Our Thanks to Tankograd Publishing!
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