In-Box Review
Skoda Type 952 Cabrio

by: Vinnie Branigan [ TEACHER ]


Czechoslovakian manufacturer Skoda produced cars during the War; in fact they produced many different types throughout the war period.

The type 932 was produced from 1940 to 1942. Itís actual designation was ďSkoda Superb Type 952 CabrioĒ, and known to the Germans as ďKommandeur Cabriolet Kfz.21Ē. From information that Plus Model themselves provide, all the cars of this type that were produced during this period were taken by the SS because of their unprecedented luxurious fit. They were highly valued.

box contents

As seen from the photographs, the kit arrived with the two main castings loose in the box, and indeed a very small part of the rear body had somehow broken off, and it wasnít in the box! There is also a bubblewrap bag, and a sealed bag containing a fairly extensive photo-etched fret, and the decal sheet. All the smaller resin parts are contained within the bubble-wrap bag, and consist of a grey resin as can be seen in the photographs.

The instructions are a small 3 fold sheet containing technical and background information on the vehicle in both Czech and English. The instructions are of the usual exploded line-drawing type, but unusually also contain fairly extensive written instructions.


As Iíve seen with other Plus Model kits, there is very little flash on the resin parts, and on them there is some of the finest detail Iíve seen in resin!

Construction begins with the wheels and chassis. The wheels can be positioned steered in either direction. Construction continues on with the inside of the vehicle, and detail here has to be seen to be believed! Tiny little foot pedals with resin stalks and photo etched pads, these are some of the best Iíve ever seen.

The castings as far as I an see are flawless and from dry fitting the parts, I canít foresee any problems.

Along with the finesse of the photo etched sheet supplied, the delicacy of some of the resin parts is amazing, for example, an oil can is provided for the left front fender, the handle of which is moulded in situ, and is as fine as any photo etched part could be. As with all the real thing, there is a tiny Skoda badge for the photo-etched grill. The photo-etch fret contains some of the best thought out parts Iíve seen, and as mentioned earlier is fairly extensive in what it provides.

Plus Model give you the choice of building the model with the roof up or down according to the instructions. However, a vacuum formed roof was missing from my kit, as was any sheet of transparent material to provide glazing. So I guess it is roof down, for which a folded part was included, and clear acetate from the toolbox for the windows!

There are decals provided for 2 examples, both SS, and very simplified painting instructions consisting of little more than a sentence and one part line drawing.


Another stunning kit from Plus Model of a subject Iíve never seen before. Notwithstanding the fact that it was damaged and there were parts missing in my example, I still think it will build into an exceptional representation of the vehicle and represents good value for money!
Another rare German Staff car from Plus Model! Imagine this outside your Government building dio!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 100
  Suggested Retail: $88
  PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2005

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