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Ruins and Bricks
Ruined Factory Corner and 100 unpainted bricks
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]


Verlinden Productions is one of the best known aftermarket producers that have a lot of interesting products in their range; vehicle upgrades, figures, diorama accessories are their trademark and they keep releasing considerable number of items all of the time. A large number of their products allow the modeller to produce a vignette or an even larger diorama without much extra work and the two products in this review belong to that category.


Kit ref 2807 “Ruined Factory Corner” comes packed in a thick cardboard box with an image of the painted and finished product on the top. Inside the box there are two resin parts sealed inside a zip lock plastic bag. The casting quality is great as there are no defects and the detail on the parts looks sharp. The external surface depicts a brick wall with a concrete footing and one window. The arched window has a concrete window-sill. Architectural style of this building ruin looks rather European and you can find photographs of factories in Germany with a similar style. The outer edge of the larger section replicates the damaged wall which appears very realistic to me. There are damaged bricks in the wall and around the window. The smaller section also features a damaged wall section on the outer edge together with part of the arch for a window or door.
The Internal walls have no detail whatsoever and neither do the window frames. The assembly will require cyanoacrylate glue (superglue) or two part epoxy cement, and a small amount of filler for the minor gaps. It is also best to sand the internal edges of the windows and parts in general to reduce the hard edges (please remember to wear a suitable respirator as resin dust is toxic).
Sizes of the components are as follows:
1. Larger section: 12 cm high, 10.5cm long, wall thickness between 0.5cm to 1.0cm depending on the element.
2. Smaller section: 11.8 cm high, approximately 4.4 cm long
To test how the building size corresponds to figures and vehicles in 1/35 I placed a figure from Stalingrad Miniatures and Panzer III from Dragon next to the section of the ruined factory corner, I felt that it matches very well!
As ruins are usually filled with rubble and brick parts I decided to check if the Verlinden Productionsset No:2809 “100 resin unpainted bricks” would work together with the ruined factory corner. This set has same packaging style and inside the box are 10 casting blocks with 10 bricks on each. The casting quality is excellent and I observed no defects in my set. The detail is similar on all 10 blocks meaning that there are very few damaged bricks and they are mostly full sized bricks. Unfortunately the bricks do not look to be the same style as the ones used in the factory corner. The latter has “standard” sized brick, while the Set 2809 has bricks that can be called “queen” meaning their cross-section is rather square and not rectangular. Otherwise this is a great set of bricks that can be easily painted in desired colour and scattered around your diorama/vignette base or make rubble.


Altogether these are very useful sets from Verlinden Productions and they would make a great contribution to your diorama after time is spent on the appropriate painting and weathering.

Highs: Good casting quality and very fine detail on the ruined factory corner
Lows: No detail on the inner surface of factory corner parts, no window frames are the only low points.
Verdict: Highly recommended for diorama fans
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 2807 and 2809
  Suggested Retail: na
  PUBLISHED: Apr 21, 2015

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