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True metal paints
Using true metal paints from AK interactive
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]


Currently, modellers are overwhelmed with quality products available for our hobby and it is always exciting to see what else can be offered. Some time ago AK-interactive, one of the leading brands in painting and weathering products started a new line of “true metal” paints. These are metallic paints on a wax base, something that I’ve never heard about before. Interestingly these are possible to apply using a brush, finger or even thin down and spray with airbrush. While writing this text you might have already heard about their new line called “Xtreme metal” – paints dedicated to airbrushing, however, I do not possess any so can’t comment on them at all.

In my case I had 2 tubes of true metal paints – gun metal and brass. I tested these in several applications – painting a piece of un-primed resin with subsequent polishing and use of the paints on vinyl tracks with a brush and no polishing.

Testing on resin piece
I had a shell casing of panzer IV ammo. Half of them were painted with a brush using true metal brass paint (ref AK460) and the other half had AK461 gun metal applied. Drying time was quite fast (when finishing painting gun metal portion the brass was dry. The coating was satisfactory and the paint was adhering to the un-primed resin without any trouble when touching it with a finger. The overall appearance of painted item was “metallic” although a bit dull. Next I tried to polish it using a finger and polishing stick. Here one has to be careful as excessive pressure might scrap some paint off, maybe this is why it is recommended to prime parts by the manufacturer? Nevertheless the parts were really shining after polishing. Very nice result and looks convincing.

Testing on vinyl tracks
For that trial I took a pair of vinyl tracks from old Tamiya Jagdpanzer IV set. These are not the best option and many modellers would replace them immediately, but my aim was to make a convincing result out of vinyl’s. Here I first primed them with acrylic primer, applied a brown enamel wash and put lots of pigments with pigment fixer. Using hair dryer to accelerate drying time I was able to finish this experiment within 30 minutes, however you can see slight deformation of tracks due to heat. Just be careful when you work with vinyl! Finally I poured some AK-interactive Gun metal (AK461) out of the tube and applied it with a brush to one track and with a finger to another. Can you say which one was brushed and which one wasn’t? in my case no… Again, very convincing metal look. Here I haven’t polished a thing, just left them as they are.

Altogether I find these new AK-interactive “true metal” paints interesting and one can get really nice results with them.
For more info please check this video from AK-interactive

Highs: Realistic metallic sheen, easy application.
Lows: Might have issues holding on the surface.
Verdict: Recommended.
  Scale: N/A
  Mfg. ID: AK460 and AK461
  Suggested Retail: 5,9 euro each
  Related Link: Official webpage
  PUBLISHED: Apr 07, 2015

Our Thanks to AK Interactive!
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Has anybody else out there tried these yet ?
APR 06, 2015 - 11:48 PM
Thanks, Roman. They look interesting, but I'm not persuaded just yet.
APR 07, 2015 - 01:22 AM
Thanks Roman - read this with interest as thinking of getting some of these. Is it possible to do an enamel wash over the True Metal paints? Would like to do a couple of motorbike engines with the True Metals and then do various washes and grime etc over the top.
APR 07, 2015 - 11:54 AM
David Parker - editor of AIR modeller is building a bomber using these. You might ask him if you are on Facebook.
APR 07, 2015 - 01:30 PM
I can confirm that the grip of these is pretty awful. They tend to melt under pressure and bodyheat (i.e. holding a painted part with your fingers). They also doesn't react well to tinners and white spirit. You should left them for a night to settle before continuimg working with the parts. At least the errors and damages are easy to fix.
APR 07, 2015 - 01:36 PM
Doesn't these require a primed surface to improve the adhesion, as you would expect with any other paint?
APR 07, 2015 - 05:28 PM
The use of primer is self-implied I believe. In my case it was gray AK-Interactive primer, gently polished to avoid rought texture (because it shows). Still, the product tends to lift off.
APR 07, 2015 - 05:44 PM
As long as I know, the True metal can be diluted with white spirit, SO if you want to use enamel weathering products (that use also white spirit) you must left the True Metal dry for al least 24 hours, or apply a coat of varnish... I saw the video of AK and they weathering some item without problems...
APR 08, 2015 - 01:24 PM

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