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StuG III on the Battlefield
Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield 3 - World War Two Photobook Series
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]


The Sturmgeschütz (StuG) means assault gun and it was an effective weapon developed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. The StuG III was developed on Panzer III chassis and it carried more powerful weapon then the original tank with the purpose of providing fire support to infantry troops – destroying bunkers, suppressing enemy lines. Later on it received a longer barrelled 75mm gun and became a powerful and mobile tank destroyer. Around 10,000 StuG III’s were made and this is one of the most popular subjects among modellers. Dragon Models Limited covered many of the variants and while many keep laughing regarding “final April 1944 production StuG III” these kits of different modifications have a right to be covered, taking into consideration that the modifications were really different when you are aware of them and want to make a model of a particular vehicle from the reference image.


Reference literature is a good source for getting yourself into the world of Stug’s and the third volume of “Stugmgeshütz III on the Battlefield” from PeKo publishing could be a great help in that regard. Written by Mátyás Pánczél (the same author as two previous volumes covering the subject) you can be sure that no features are to be missed here and you will enhance your knowledge dramatically. The book is bilingual (Hungarian/English) and has a hard cover and landscape layout. Altogether there are 111 pages with 103 full page photographs and introduction. The latter contains information about StuG unit formation and development of different versions including the background behind the modifications. Most of the vehicles shown on large full sized photographs are depicted between 1940 and 1944, mostly on Eastern Front, but also some early short-barrelled Stug’s in France 1940 are present. The author points out important aspects of each vehicle and there are some unique images inside the book that depict field modifications as well. Stowage, extra protection – everything is noted and addressed. Speaking of the particular versions you would see short-barrelled Ausf B, C, D and long-barrelled Ausf. F8 and G. A certain number of images show wrecked Stug’s or Stug’s at repair facilities. All seasons and battle conditions in the title.

The photographs inside this book are taken from Péter Kocsis collection (owner of PeKo publishing) as well as some other contributors or archives. To me personally they were all new, however, if you follow the subject and do research on Stug’s you might have seen some online in lower resolutions or on Ebay auction with watermarks.

Altogether this is another great title from PeKo publishing that would definitely please modellers interested in Stug’s and German vehicles in general. The high quality printing and exclusive collection of images together with solid research behind each photograph results in an excellent offering.

Highs: exclusive content, detailed background information on each photo.
Lows: none I can find so far.
Verdict: highly recommended for StuG fans.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN-978-963-89623-9-3
  Suggested Retail: 28- 30 euro
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 14, 2015

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0 Thank you for the great review. Just went on Amazon and bought this book. Looks like an invaluable resource.
APR 14, 2015 - 04:02 PM
Glad you like it, Jesper. Keep an eye on PeKo facebook page, they usually offer free shipping on pre-orders of new titles!
APR 14, 2015 - 06:05 PM

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