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Legend M1917 Ammo Crate Sets
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by: Neil Gardiner [ DISITH ]

What you get In the Boxes

In each of the top opening cardboard box wrapped in plastic you get eight small resin wooden crates and two small decal sheets, each small decal sheet holds the markings for four of the crates, the box has a large and clear photo of the finished product on the front and the usual company logo.

The Review

To start off with the only difference between these two kits are the decals, they both use the exact same wooden crate as a base.

The Crate details are very crisply moulded and the wood grain effect is clear and well defined, going over all the crates I couldnít find any air bubbles or major flaws, there was a very slight mould line on the top of the crates, but this blends in with the wood grain and so wasnít an issue and can also just be left alone as any attempt to correct this would destroy the grain texture,

The only clean up that is needed to do on these is the removal of the casting block on the base of the crate; Please remember these products are resin and as such the dust can damage your lungs, so wear a mask. The boxes were painted brown and given a dark wood wash the after that dried the decals were applied, the decals are quite tiny especially the lid markings and can be a bit fiddly when you line them up, but once they are on they stand out nicely against the wood effect.

Comparing these to actual photos of the real crates I can find no difference, they look exactly the same as the real thing, so Legend definitely seems to have done their homework here, as for size I havenít been able to find the dimensions of the real ones so I cannot compare that but I very much doubt they would be far out.

The only minor gripe I have with the kits is the fact in each pack you get eight of exactly the same type, and as the decals come on two sheets they could have mixed the packs so you got a variety of each type.

All in all they look great and donít take too much work to do so.
Highs: Simple with fantastic detail on the crates, the decals are nice and clear and give a great finish.
Lows: the sets could have been combined to create a mixed pack. Some of the decals are very small and fiddly and no extras are provided in case of mistakes.
Verdict: Overall I cannot fault the detail that are in these sets, they are simple but effective and they will be great additions to any dioramas or kit stowage.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1295 and LF1296
  Suggested Retail: $8
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 29, 2015

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These are long over due and look great,specially with the decals. If one is not a scale nazi then these would also be superb for an aircraft dio in 1/32!!! Lookin' good next to a P-51 or 47 or even that giant B-17. J
APR 29, 2015 - 06:34 PM

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