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Leopold 28cm K5
German Railway Gun Leopold 28cm K5 (E)
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Does anyone here have either the Dragon or Trumpeter German Railway Gun Leopold 28cm K5 (E) that needs building? Are you in need of good reference? Well Model Centrum may have the answer to your prayers with the re-release of the book German Railway Gun Leopold 28cm K5 (E) written by Jan Coen Wijnstok.

When it comes to artillery nothing compares for sheer size to the rail guns that appeared from World War One through World War Two. The British had them and more importantly so did the Germans; having stood next to one of these behemoths in the form of a British Ordnance. BL 18 Inch Howitzer Mk1 Serial No LI I can only imagine the size of the 28cm K5 (E). This reissue of the book covering the German Railway Gun Leopold 28cm K5 (E) helps provide that experience.


This book by Model Centrum breaks down into three main areas; the Leopold captured in Italy, an unidentified 28cm K5 (E) found in France in 1980 and period photographs from the war years. Leopold is or was at the Aberdeen proving grounds and I can only hope it is in as good a condition as the images in this title indicate it was. There is a small amount of text describing what the gun was used for and how it came to be in the US. There are 170 full colour photographs from many angles and covering in detail areas of the gun that will help the modeller get his or her model just so and all managed over 56 pages. The only downside to these images is not the fault of the publication and that is that it has been repainted inaccurately.

The second area looking at the unidentified gun in France also starts with a small amount of text covering where the gun was discovered and where it is believed to have come from; quite how you lose something this size is beyond me! This particular gun is not in as good a condition as the Leopold and the photographs have an aged look about them. There are 54 photographs covering the gun and while in a poor condition and the pictures being aged they are a great inclusion in this title. What I particularly like about these two sections is that each of the photographs is numbered and the numbers are used in the descriptions text, the text itself clearly identifies what is shown and adds greatly to the benefit of this book as a reference title.

The last section of the title provides a good number of World War Two period black and white photographs of various 28cm K5 (E) rail guns. There are 31 photographs in this section and the photographs show the various guns in action, on display, disabled and captured, it is this section that will provide the modeller with finishing options as regards not only painting but more specifically accurate display options for the finished model. There is a good amount of text in this area of the book that makes for an interesting and reasonably informative read.

In addition to the book you will find a huge foldout schematic drawing, this covers both 1/72nd and 1/35th scale drawings for use in checking kit parts. There are eight drawings in 1/72nd scale, eight 1/35th scale drawings and lastly ten drawings of the ammunition for the gun which includes stencil detail for the ammunition.


Having looked over this title I am very impressed with it, it provides everything I as a modeller could wish for and should allow a model to be built as accurately as any modeller should wish. The display options the period photographs will put into your mind make this worthy of consideration, the reference images and scale plans make it a must. Having looked at the scale drawings and with it taking up a sizeable chunk of floor space, I see no other option than to say; if you have the model get the reference, the finished model should make the cost of this reference book irrelevant, yes it is that good.
Highs: The fold out 1/35th and 1/72nd scale drawings plus all of those glorious all colour reference photographs are some of the best reference I have seen in a book of this size.
Lows: None that jump out at me.
Verdict: You have the model? Then get the reference.
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  Mfg. ID: ISBN 978-83-60672-24-2
  Suggested Retail: £24.95
  PUBLISHED: May 13, 2015

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