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Fury Sherman Set
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


Sometimes choosing the right paint and weathering products for a build can be confusing or have you searching for that one color. Ammo by Mig has started to make it a little easier with their Starter Sets. One of the more recent sets is for American vehicles in North West Europe with the Fury Sherman Set.


A.MIG-926 Olive Drab Base
A.MIG-146 Matt Black
A.MIG-1005 Dark Brown Wash
A.MIG-1402 Fresh Mud Effect
A.MIG-3004 Europe Earth Pigment


One of the recent Starter Sets released by Ammo by Mig includes colors and weathering effects to paint World War 2 American vehicles. The set includes five full size bottles of products aimed to help produce a painted and weather vehicle. Aimed at the Sherman tank based on the movie Fury, the set could be used on almost any US or Commonwealth vehicle.

Note: ignore the quality of the build, it is an older Matchbox kit I threw together fast to show the paint.

The set starts with an Olive Drab base in an acrylic paint. After a primer coat of Ammo by Mig Black Primer I applied multiple light coats of the Olive Drab base with a few drops of the Ammo by Mig acrylic thinner with my airbrush set at about 18psi. The paint went on well, and after the desired coatings covered well. Now in my personal opinion I find the Olive Drab to be a little dark, but this could be argued for hours on what is the right color due to fading, dirt, dust, etc.

I did add a little of the Black and go back and some post shading. I also used the Black to paint the rubber on the road wheels. With a brush the paint again applied nicely and provided good coverage. Once the paint was dried, I applied the Dark Brown wash from the set using Ammo by Mig Enamel Odourless Thinner for thinning and softening. Again it applied well, and provided a good contrast for the details.
After a coat of sealer, I then applied the Fresh Mud effect and Europe Earth pigments. Again they applied well. The enamel Fresh Mud effect I found to be a little between a paint and a wash in consistency. I was able to apply with a brush, as well as with a 'flick' effect for splashed. The combination of both weathering products can achieve a good looking dirty effect.

The only downside I see in the set is the lack of a lighter color (or white) to provide some color modulation.


Overall the new Starter Set from Ammo by Mig is a convenient way to get the paints needed for painting an Olive Drab vehicle. The combination of paint and weathering will allow a builder to produce a convincing paint job and weather effect in a 'one-stop' package. I was happy with the colors and how the products applied, and would definitely recommend the set and/or the individual products.
Highs: Good combination of colors and weathering effect for an Olive Drab vehicle.
Lows: Limited color modulation available from the box.
Verdict: Great 'one-stop' set for Olive Drab vehicles, recommended.
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  PUBLISHED: May 27, 2015
  NATIONALITY: United States

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Thanks for the review Kevin, Just got this set the other day and agree the olive drab looks a little dark,although will not know until I get it passed through the airbrush .I think the weathering pigment may be a little light If trying to replicate the muddy suspension like the vehicle in the movie ,personal preference tells me it should be a little darker.The movie does show the tank pretty muddy all over. Michael
MAY 26, 2015 - 03:26 PM

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