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Horch 108 Type 40
Horch 108 Type 40 WW2 German Personnel Car
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The Horch Company designed the four wheel drive Horch 108 to the specifications of the Schwerer gellande Einheits Personen Kraft Wagon in 1937. In 1940 they were modified to the Type 40 standard with a spare wheel inside the open body. All told there were 8135 cars produced from 1937 to 1942 by the Horch Company. These vehicles had good cross country ability, but were not the best when it came to robustness and reliability. Horch 108 personnel cars were used by all German arms of service in the Eastern Front, North Africa, Italy and France up to the end of the war.


ICM has taken a great step in these days of internet shopping by packaging their models in a cardboard box with flip top lid and the a card lid place on top of that, this style of packaging does in my opinion greatly improve the odds of a model travelling through the mail systems of the world and still reaching the buyer in the same condition that it left the factory. The only down side is that ICM package all of the parts in a single re-sealable plastic bag and in this case the tyres and clear parts in separate plastic bags, but again these are all placed together in the single bag. My concern is that parts could be damaged by rubbing against each other in the bag. the contents break down as follows;
6 tan sprues
A clear sprue
5 vinyl rubber tyres
A decal sheet
An instruction booklet


First Impressions
A look over this latest model offering from ICM gives me the usual good vibrations I get from most of their products. The mouldings are free from flash, but there are some flow lines present on some parts; the flow lines do not look or feel to have caused any issues that will need to be remedied. There are some ejector pin marks that will need to be tackled, but these are small and shallow, the placement of them does look to have been well considered as they are not excessive in number and a lot of the placements will be hidden on the finished model.

The engine provided with the model looks very pleasing with a good level of detail. The belt detail and pulleys are very good considering they are plastic rather than the more usual photo etch for areas such as this. The engine will of course benefit from some scratch work if for no other area than the plug leads. I was unable to find photographic reference for the engine, but I have come to trust that ICM has done their home work when it comes to this area of their models.

As we have all come to expect ICM has done an excellent job in this area. The chassis itself is supplied as a single moulding rather than the more usual multi-part offering seen from ICM. On the plus side by tackling the chassis in this method the modeller does not have concerns about a twisted chassis throwing the rest of the build off. Obviously by tackling the chassis as a single moulding has meant that some rail detail is missing and to overcome this ICM has provided fillet parts in order that the detail is provided to this model.

Drive Shafts and Suspension
The drive shafts have a good level detail present and should look very good on the finished model even though very little of the detail can be seen. My only downer in this area is that the front wheels can only be depicted pointing in a straight line and I feel wheeled models look better with turned front wheels. The suspension has not been scrimped on by ICM either; there are separate springs and wishbones supplied which will again lift the detail to a very high standard. The exhaust is very fine and because slide moulding has not been used, it will need to be drilled to improve the appearance further. My only concern here is that the springs have been supplied in two halves and it may prove difficult to hide the joint without damaging the detail.

The wheels supplied with the model have good detail on both faces that matches closely the wheels seen on many Horch vehicles currently on display in museums and on the display circuit, I cannot however confirm that they are a perfect match for period wheels; however as the same pattern appears on so many vehicles I am inclined to believe it is an accurate design. The Tyres will not please everyone as they are offered in vinyl rubber. On the plus side there does not appear to be any significant seam present, but the tread pattern is a little light on pattern and this does not match the detail indicated in the instructions, again the tread pattern does match that seen in many current images of the vehicle, for those that do not like vinyl tyres you could always go down the resin route and replace them.

To give you some idea of how much work ICM has put into this area of the model it has taken up 28 steps in the instructions. The effort put into this area may not bother the average modeller, but it does open up a number of options when it comes to display. Just think about how many models from the box could be built to replicate a destroyed vehicle? 99% of the models that can that I can think of would be ICM.

The interior as with most if not all military vehicles of the period is spartan and ICM has replicated the details that should be there very well and not tried to add what was not. The floor pan of the model is nicely detailed on the interior side with a textured floor and detail on the reverse side for the underside of the model. The dashboard is a good match for the Horch walk around supplied by Robert Blokker in all respects and I like that they have supplied decals for the dials. The very fine bracing across the centre of the vehicle is well done. The seats are a big plus to me as ICM has added some texture to them and this gives the look of seats that have seen some service rather than being brand new, something I feel is a very big plus specifically on an open topped model such as this. I also like the finesse of the seat frames; all this model really needs are some figure sets to main the model. Also included are the racks for the personnel weapons and the rifles to go in them.

The body work on this model is of a very high standard with ICM having done a good job on providing options that are not really covered in the instructions. The doors, bonnet and boot could all be depicted open with a little work and these details offer the after-market manufacturers the option of providing sets of photo etched hinges if you wish to take it further. The vented side panels of engine bay are the only weak area that could be improved if the vents were open in my opinion. The front grill has been very well done with the vents hear being open and adding a nice touch. The windscreen has separate clear parts with a separate frame and wipers. The lights and supports have been very well done in plastic considering their small size. The folded canvas roof has some nice detail moulded into it and which with careful painting should look very good.

There are decals for four vehicles; three are for Luftwaffe units and one Heer unit. The decals have been well printed and of a reasonable thickness, the carrier film is a little excessive but within most modellers limits I believe. The four vehicles are;
8th Panzer Division, Soviet Baltic, Summer 1941
Un-named unit Russia, Summer 1942
Un-named unit Russia, Autumn 1942
KG 51, Russia, Summer 1943

The instruction booklet has been very well done and to prove my point in some cases ICM has supplied images showing the placement of parts and the parts in place; a very nice touch by ICM. They have covered construction over a huge number of steps, 73 in total and this should make building this model a breeze for nearly every modeller who can handle the very small parts involved in some case.


This model does provide the modeller with a chance to build a very high quality model from the box. A lot of the very nice detail is hidden depending on how you decide to present the finished model. Is it perfect? No of course it isnít as no such beast exists, but this is very close and the addition of a photo etched set when available will lift this model to a very high standard. Donít get me wrong as the model does not need much other than photo etched hinges for the doors, bonnet and boot, and that only applies if you want to accurately show any of these areas open. The slotted side engine panels could also be improved this way. Of course I am sure other options will be provided if a set is released, but these are the areas I feel will benefit the most depending on your requirements. I feel you can buy this product with confidence.
Highs: Very nice attention to detail and of a very high quality for an all plastic model.
Lows: The engine side panels are the only areas that could really be classed as a weakness.
Verdict: A great model with a lot of potential.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35505
  PUBLISHED: Jun 02, 2015

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Great review Darren. This is another one for wanted list! I'm particularly pleased that ICM chose to model a later vehicle with the spare wheels internally stowed, rather than repeating the Tamiya vehicle, which while a good kit then, and still passable with work is now looking a bit long in the tooth. Shame there are no DAK transfers with it, as there are many pictures of these vehicles with this unit. The fact that ICM have modelled this vehicle suggests there may be other versions in the wind, e.g.ambulance and other house bodied vehicles.
JUN 04, 2015 - 09:08 PM
Steve as you are in the UK E-mail me using my staff E-mail address and your address and I will send one of these two ICM kits to you for a build on the site if interested.
JUN 05, 2015 - 02:54 AM

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