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Novorossiya Colors
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


For Russian armor fans picking and gathering the right colors to paint with can be time consuming. Ammo by Mig has made it a little easier with a new set of paints aimed at the Russian militias and volunteer groups.


A.MIG-057 Yellow Grey
A.MIG-054 Signal Green
A.MIG-053 Protective NC 1200
A.MIG-932 Russian Base (ZIS-508)
A.MIG-911 Grey Shine (PKHV-23)
A.MIG-070 Medium Brown


Ammo by Mig continues to release acrylic paint sets to help modelers get all the needed colors in oneplace. One of the latest sets is aimed at the militia and volunteer army in Russia. The set contains six full size bottles of paint that can be used to paint and camouflage Novorossiya armor.

The rear box art provides some side images of possible paint schemes with the set, thus providing a good starting point. The colors provided will allow for a single color or multi-colored camouflage.

The colors include a Yellow Grey which looks to be a sand color, bright green in Signal Green, and a light Shine Grey. Also a darkest green in the Protective NC, a base green in Russian Base which looks to me similar to olive green, and a medium brown for completing a camouflage.

As to the accuracy of the colors, I view some images on line as I don't have access to a set of accurate color chips, and for the most part the colors look good. And as often argued in modeling, there is not always a correct shade, due to fading and dust.

I was currently working on a BMD-2, and thought I would give the Russian Base a whirl through the airbrush. Applying multiple light coats over a coat of Ammo by Mig Black Primer, the paint did very well. I did add a couple of drops of Ammo by Mig Thinner, and it flowed well through the airbrush and I was very happy with the coverage. I found no issue in airbrushing the paint at all. Clean up of the airbrush after painting was no issue, with some water and airbrush cleaner the Ammo by Mig paint cleans up quick and easy.

To have a close look at the colors, using a brush I applied the paint directly onto a piece of styrene with no primer. The first coat showed a lot of the white through, but by the third coat, there was good coverage. While I am not sure the paint is actually meant for brushing as the box states it is acrylic paint for airbrushing, it does go on well and with more care looks to be able provide great coverage.


Overall the new Novorossiya paint set from Ammo by Mig is a great combination of colors for use on Russian Militia armor. The paint goes on well, looks to be a close match, and being acrylic cleans up well. For fans of Russian vehicles this looks to be a great set to have on hand, recommended.
Highs: Good color choices and applies very well.
Lows: No issues that I noted.
Verdict: A great set for Russian armor, recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: A.MIG 7126
  PUBLISHED: May 30, 2015

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