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M23 Armament Subsystem
M23 Armament Subsystem
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]


M23 Armament Subsystem is a light weight armament subsystem that provides a pintle mount at both main cabin doors for an M60D machine gun , with the weapon feeding from a standard ammunition box or a larger purpose built box connected to the mount. The system is specifically designed for long fuselage UH-1s (UH-1D/H/N) and is attached to external stores hard point fittings on both sides of the helicopter. The two flexible 7.62mm machine guns M60D are free pointing but limited in traverse, elevation, and depression by pintles.


Packed in standard BRAVO-6 cardboard box, parts come in divided into 2 small zip-lock bags and a third bag holds the photoetched parts.
Backcover helps as an assembly guide for PE parts and some resin parts.
Casting quality is good with no mistakes, air bubbles on samples. I just had to fill a very small hole on one of the machine guns.

Kit parts are clear and crisp. They will be ready to assembly as you remove them and clean where parts meet casting blocks.
When assemblying this kit, please remember that some parts may differ for two different sides of UH-1. To avoid mistakes, some parts are marked as R-Right or L-Left on resin blocks.
Kit includes two blocks of E and F.

  • A. Tubes ; Main part, attached to the helicopter hull with beams on both sides, that carries mount and ammo box.
  • B. Beams and Pintle mounts ; Swiveling type mount carry M60 on its top attached with a pintle.
  • C. Ammunition Boxes ; 500 round capacity ammo box feeds M60 with chute and adaptor.
  • D. Ejection Control Bags ; Bags made of canvas are attached to machine gun to catch ejected links and cartridge cases, preventing them from being ejected into the path of the rotor blades or turbine engine intake.
  • E. Chutes, Pintles and M60 Hand grips ; Flexible chute deliver linked ammunition from ammo box to the gun quickly and efficiently. On the boxart, it is advised to place chute into hot water bending to shape.
  • F. M60D Machine Guns ; M60D is mounted version of the standard gun. It can be mounted on boats and vehicles, or as a pintle-mounted door gun in helicopters. It is fitted with spade grips for flexible use and an aircraft ring sight for rapid target acquisition.
  • G. PE Parts ; Phoetched parts are indicated in numbers and boxcover has a how to guide.
    1. Spade grips
    2. Triggers - Left and right
    3. Ring sight
    4. Carrying handle
    5. Bipods – Left and right
    6. Traversing Lock
    7-8. Microphone parts

    Nice sculpt and cast. Realistic look with many PE parts.
    A very nice kit to detail long fuselage Hueys with M23 Armament Subsytem and needful if you have a Vietnam War UH-1 D in stash.

    Highs: M60D details are good and PE parts make it fully detailed. Clean and crisp work on all resin parts. Assembly guide is helpful.
    Lows: The only question on my mind is about bending the resin chute for proper position.
    Verdict: Nice detailed useful kit for building a realistic UH-1D with door guns.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: B6-35068
      PUBLISHED: Jun 01, 2015
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.07%

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