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Barbed Wire
two spike Barbed Wire
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


When it comes to dioramas, vignettes or even just vehicles loaded up with the materials of warfare, there is one article that has been in use by armies for a very long time, ‘Barbed Wire’. Barbed wire came into its own during World War One when it was used to slow down and/or prevent advances by the enemy and is still in use today; even the use of razor wire has not consigned barbed wire to history. RMG Resin Models has sent Armorama a sample of their barbed wire for review.


This barbed wire product from RMG Resin Models is packaged in a blister pack that is thankfully re-sealable for storage. Inside the clear blister pack you will find an 800mm length of the RMG Resin Models two spiked barbed wire and 6 copper fence spikes. The copper fence spikes are packaged inside a Ziploc plastic bag and the barbed wire is supplied coiled. The packaging has insured that the product has reached me in perfect condition.

The barbed wire is made of two fine twisted copper wires with short lengths of copper wire twisted around it at intervals of between 3 and 5mm. now I know that this is not realistic from a scale perspective, but I have never seen any product that has achieved that aspect of barbed wire and I am very impressed with how this product looks, particularly when coiled as opposed to straightened out. Coiled it will add a nice look as stowage on vehicles of any country or time period. Straightened out and attached to the supplied fence spikes, each fence spike has four loops and so you have enough barbed wire to make a single fence of 200mm in length


I have a few examples of barbed wire in my possession and this is I feel the best in appearance when it comes to coils of barbed wire and so ideal for the vehicle modeller. The inclusion of the fence spikes is a nice touch and makes things easier for the modeller who wants to add a fence to a diorama or vignette. RMG Resin Models has done a very good job with this product and is very much worth your consideration. I am aware that there is some difficulty in obtaining RMG Resin Models products and as such I will provide further details as soon as they are available on where you can purchase from.
Highs: One of if not the best looking barbed I have seen when used coiled.
Lows: Difficult to locate outlets for the products at this time.
Verdict: Well worth your consideration as a coil of barbed wire on a vehicle or as a fence on a diorama or vignette.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: RM013
  PUBLISHED: Jun 30, 2015

Our Thanks to RMG Factory!
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Oh, I thought you were doing a review on an old Pamela Anderson movie! I would give it a -10! But seriously, better and easier than DIY!
JUN 29, 2015 - 09:30 PM
where do you get them ????
JUN 30, 2015 - 03:38 AM
The owner of RMG has been in touch and said all products can be purchesed via the following E-mail address [email protected]
JUN 30, 2015 - 08:20 PM

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