Book Review
Xtreme Modelling Magazine. Issue #1

by: Rhodes Williams [ RHODES ]

Firstly, I wish to apologize for now reviewing the complete series of issues by Xtreme. I can only tell you fellow members that I am rarely in town anymore due to work so I tend to now photograph everything for the website and then work up the reviews whilst in the air. I reviewed an issue of Xtreme earlier, and not I shall be reviewing all the issues right from issue #1, which this is. It has 62 pages, entirely in colour, and English text with a layout format in the landscape style. I really like this format as it allows for larger images lengthwise.

The first issue begins with:

Vertical - cleaning the past by jean baptiste Verlhac (12 pages)
This mode, as seen also on the cover, is based on the 1/35th Dragon Sd.Kfz.138/1 Grille H and represents a vehicle salvaged from a river in Austria a few years ago after laying there for 50 odd years. As you would expect the model is very messy and corroded and the article has many photos of the construction and painting process as well as a description on achieving the rusted and dilapidated finish.

Landrover Ambulance by Joaquín García Gázquez (9 pages)
An article on building and painting the Tamiya Landrover Ambulance during service in Northan Ireland.
There are many photos of the model during construction and after painting.

Cats on the Streets by José A.Azorín "StuG", Carlos Elías and Fernando Sanz (16 pages)
This article covers the construction of a diorama with Panther G in a Parisian street in the summer of 1944. The backdrop for this scene is an impressive scratchbuilt four story building and much of the article is devoted to describing the construction and painting of this building. A number of techniques are used during the construction which will come in very handy if you plan on constructing your own buildings.

Wet Steel Overmud! by Michel Pérez Blasco (10 pages)
The Tamiya Marder III 7.62cm Pak36 is shown being detailed with the Eduard etched detail set plus some scratchbuilt items and then shown bogged down in a mud patch. The article has numerous photos during construction as well as of the finished model showing the camouflage finish as well as the mud effect.

Marder IIIM by Miguel Jiménez "MIG" (8 pages)
The final article is a step by step guide on applying a winter camouflage finish to the Tamiya Marder III Ausf.M.
There are many photos during the painting process showing the application of the different techniques used along with text notes to make following the steps easier. The finished models is also shown to show the results of the steps described in the article.

I am very impressed with Jose's magazine, so much so that we've offered it to members as part of their premere membership. Top notch photographs and well written articles. Don't miss out, this original issue will soon by out of print.
Xtreme Modelling Military Modelling Magazine. Issue 1 Published quarterly by Xtreme Modelling. 64 pages soft cover A4 format.
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 03, 2005
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Born in Essex, UK, Rhodes emigrated to the U.S. and resides in Los Angeles. His modelling passions include dioramas and figurines mainly Eastern Front and Afrika Korps.

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