Book Review
Xtreme Modelling Magazine, Issue #2

by: Rhodes Williams [ RHODES ]

n the second issue of Xtreme, the boys from Spain treat us to a slew of new models and dioramas.

Dug-In! by Rubén Gónzález (7 pages)This feature details a dug in Iraqi T-72 based on the Kirin T-72G/M which is basically built out of the box with the numerous photos highlighting the painted model and the building of the base for the model.

Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer by Javier Franco (4 pages)This model is based on the 1/35th Dragon kit and highlights the building of the kit with a number of photos showing the finished model.

LVT-(A)2 by Jorge López (9 pages)This is an excellent article on converting the Italeri LVT(A) into an LVT (A) 2 with a mostly scratchbuilt interior with a few parts form the Trakz LVT 2 update set and Eduard etched set. There are many photos of the model under construction showing the scratchbuilt parts as well as a full photo coverage of the painting process on what is a nicely finished model.

LVT-(A)1 Alligator & LVT-4 Water Buffalo by André Brito (4 pages)Continuing the LVT theme is a short photo feature on the two vehicles with brief construction notes on the construction and painting.

Cats on the Streets by José A.Azorín "StuG", Carlos Elías and Fernando Sanz (part 2)Continues the article from issue one with;Pzkpfw V Ausf G by José A.Azorín "StuG" (6 pages)Highlights the building of the Panther kit with photos and text of the construction, painting and final presentation of the model included in the diorama.The Crew and Civilians by Fernando Sanz (2 pages)This describes the painting of the numerous figures both for the Panther crew and the civilians used in the diorama.The final article is a step by step guide by Mig on building and painting his own companies resin set of a destroyed T34. The article shows with detailed photos the painting process used on the model as well as some tips on working with resin parts, the techniques used here could be applied to any model so should prove quite useful.

The Lighthouse by Rubén González, Michel Pérez (13 pages)A dramatic diorama with a scratchbuilt lighthouse guarded by an SWS mounting a 37mm flak along with a Kubelwagon and crews. The text mostly describes the building of the lighthouse and constructing the base and is highlighted in numerous photos of the diorama and lighthouse under construction.

Reviews & News:A 6 page section of new product reviews and show reports from the continent to make your mouths water. Xtreme can be purchased direct from their website, or by becoming a premier T-Factory member, you get it as part of your membership.
Xtreme Modelling Military Modelling Magazine. Issue 2 Published quarterly by Xtreme Modelling. 64 pages soft cover A4 format.
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 04, 2005
  NATIONALITY: Spain / Espańa

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