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Russian NBC Late
BRDM-2 Russian NBC Late
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by: Ian Barraclough [ BARRA733 ]

This new release from Trumpeter arrives in the latest style of Trumpeter box, with high quality artwork showing off the rear, which is the business end of the vehicle. Inside the box is:

1. A sixteen page instruction manual (18 steps).
2. Some flyers for new kits and tools.
3. Nine sprues of light grey plastic and upper & lower hull parts.
4. Two small sheets of photo etch.
5. A clear sprue.
6. Eight vinyl wheels (4 large, 4 small).
7. Small decal sheet.
8. Wire and rope.
9. Colour ‘glossy’ sheets for colour schemes.
My first concern is with the naming of the model – this is obviously a BRDM-2 NBC variant (Late). If you want to be really picky it’s a BRDM-2 RkHb (fitted with the 7.62mm machine gun as opposed to the original 14.5mm cannon). Why did Trumpeter not bother to give it at least a basic name of BRDM-2 NBC Late? I had seen the words ‘NBC Late’ on a number of web-sites and flyers, but thought that they were actually figures. It was only once I had seen it at SMW Telford this year that I realised it was a BRDM-2… I have not seen any build reviews of this kit yet and feel that Trumpeter may have missed a trick here by not naming it correctly; a number of vendors are already discounting the price this model.

In comparison to the ‘basic’ BRDM-2 there are a number of differences – the obvious ones being the addition of marker flags on the rear left and right corners of the vehicle – these are fired downwards with squibs to mark a safe route for following troops; the boxes on top of these carry the firing mechanism for the flags. There’s also a number of ‘scoops’ around the vehicle which take in air to sample; and externally mounted jerry cans, used store decontamination liquid for use in decontaminating the vehicle after use. A ‘Sound Star’ rack is fitted on the gun mantlet to the right of the machine gun. This fires a flare should contaminants be detected. An excellent vehicle description, including interior can be found: HERE Live links

A scan of the instructions reveals that there’s a full interior included (less engine); and, despite not being shown it seems that all hatches can be shown open or closed. It seems that the interior is the basic BRDM-2 one and does not include any of the chemical or contaminant detection systems. This shouldn’t be a problem as most of the interior will be hidden: only viewable through the front two windows and crew hatches. The middle set of belly wheels can also be shown lowered or raised. Note that latter versions of the BRDM-2 had these removed - did this also carry over to the NBC variants? (Can anyone confirm this?)

There are 277 parts included on the sprues: the lower hull is one complete part onto which the hull sides fit. Once this ‘tub’ is complete the interior parts are slid in. Dry fitting and careful alignment will be required here. The upper hull is also moulded in one complete part and should slide easily onto the completed lower hull as long as care is taken. The instructions propose mounting the exterior hull parts onto the upper hull before fitting to the lower hull. I would suggest that it may be worth fitting the upper and lower hull parts together first to avoid breakages later on. The flags are provided in four rows of five flags – and on initial viewing look to be a challenge to clean up – I may be replacing these parts with brass tube. I would have also like to have seen parts for the flags to be stowed in the travelling position – these are stowed horizontally on top of the hull, with the upper part of the racks folded backwards and covered with canvas covers.

There are a number of sets of weighted wheels for the BRDM-2 which should fit this vehicle. Apart from the Voyager Etched Brass set for the basic BRDM-2 Early, I have not seen any aftermarket sets for this model yet – although the basic fittings on the exterior of the hull may fit.

Please see my build review HERE Live links
Highs: An up to date BRDM-2 variant. Included etched brass. Basic interior included. Endless painting options.
Lows: Poor naming convention. Vinyl tyres. Lack of interior detection equipment. 3 part lower hull may lead to fit problems.
Verdict: Another great release despite the naming error
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 05516
  PUBLISHED: Nov 28, 2015

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