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German Tank Engine Maintenance Crew

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The main objects in this kit are the 2 Maybach engines and the accessories. As I am I nice kid, I'm going to give some information about those 2 engine's. Power plants are crucial components for any motorized vehicle and combat vehicles are no exception. Along with firepower and crew protection, maneuverability directly effects survivability.During WW 2, Germany's Tiger 1 heavy tank initially used a Maybach V-12 cylinder, 21.400 cc HL210 P45 gasoline engine. It had a maximum output of 650 horsepower and plenty of low RPM torque; however, propelling a 65-ton chassis trough rough terrain was not easy, even for this well engineered unit.

On the Russian front during summer months, the engine would overheat and sometimes caught fire, due to the heavy loads and work far exceeding it's limits.In order to check the engine oil level and radiator coolant, the tiger 1 had to stop every 45 minutes of running time during the summer. Maintenance of the engine was usually the driver's responsibility, but once trouble occurred, the whole crew was compelled to fix it. These problems and breakdowns where other


In the Box
At a later date, the improved Maybach HL230 P30 engine, with 700 horsepower was used in late production versions of the Tiger 1, the Panther, and the King Tiger. Daily maintenance and repair work were still indispensable, and to make maintenance more efficient, an engineer was dispatched from Maybach to the maintenance company of each Tiger heavy Tank battalion, to assist in servicing the engines. SIC Tamiya instructions (Maybach).

So after a lot of information I think you all want to know what's in the box. Well you get the 2 Maybach HL230 P30 and P45 engine. The P30 is the engine for the King Tiger and Panther tank. While the P45 is mainly tiger 1. The detailers on these engines are nice and I'm sure it will update your tank. Note: paint the engine unit gunmetal and the compartment bulkhead dull red and the air cleaner white.

Tamiya provides the kit with 2 figures, which are in my opinion well done and look realistic. Naturally you get a lot of accessories: a toolbox, battery, blowtorch, screwdriver, oilcan, hammer, tool kit, and oilier and tubular wrench. Also a nice drum and a ladder is included, if you have an eye for detail I'm sure you would like the drum and the figures. To finish this review I'm sure it's worth spending your money on it and has a great value on you tank. Have fun with it.

Note: figures where overall and are painted field gray. Also, paint the engine unit gunmetal and the compartment bulkhead dull red and the air cleaner white.

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  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35180
  Suggested Retail: 14 euros
  PUBLISHED: Jan 02, 2003
  NATIONALITY: United States

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