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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


Many of you will be well aware of the Tankograd Publishing series of books, many of them being of great use to the military modeller. Militar Fahrzeug (Military Vehicle) is a regular magazine which tackles news, reviews and history of military vehicles. from the Bundeswehr - NVA- Wehrmacht - US Army - British Army - NATO - Technik - Typen - Geschichte

Contents Page

1 Editorial
2 Leserbriefe /Leserfragen / leserfotos (Readers letters , Readers questions Readers photos)
4 Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr (Weapons systems of the German Armed Forces)
10 Fahrzeug - Historie der Wehrmacht (Vehicle history of the Wermacht)
15 Mussen- Events - Sammlerszene (events collectors scene)
17 Mussen - Events Sammlerszene (Events collectors scene)
20 Leoparden International (Leopard Tank International )
25 US Army
28 Fahrzeug - Hitorie der Bundeswehr (Vehicle History of the German Army)
30 Manover Gute alte Zeit (Manoeuvres, good old days)
38 Waffengattungen Der Bundeswehr (Branches of the German Armed Forces)
44 Panzertruppe International (armoured manoeuvres in Austria 1997 last use of the M60A30)
49 Einheiten der Budeswehr (Units of the Army)
52 Fremde Heere ( Visit to the Taiwan Army)
56 Deutsche Fahrzeuge im Ausland (German vehicles abroad)

Review by Page

2. Readers letters although in German, I did pick up some of the words and got a good feel for what the talk was on about. However some of the pictures from the readers were very nice from an old picture of a 28cm Moser 602, which I have to say I have become interested in rail guns recently, and I have been reading up about the Karl Garat Leopold and Dorra. Also some nice pictures of a Tiger 1 mounted on a monument.

4. Weapons systems has a nice article on the Puma although again I could not read the full text it was quite easy to follow from the pictures including some great detail shots of the inside of the Puma. This includes the some great technical photos for some one intending on building a Puma it is well worth having a look at.

10. Something else that I do love is history and in this section as if fate it had a section on Panzer Transport of the Wehrmacht in recent times I have been collecting quite a few of the tank transporters again in recent times. The first picture shows a Parade in Berlin on the 2nd of September 1939 with a row of three Faun L900 tank transporters with SchnellKampfwagen II on the back of these I must admit that it would be nice to see one of the bigger modelling companies doing more with the world war 2 transporters and these early Fauns would make a great subject. It goes on to talk about some unfortunate accidents that looked like the tank had gone through the front of the truck.

15. Follows on about a wings and wheels 2015 show which took place earlier this year in August in Gent Belgium looks like a great couple of days out for the armour lover with some great pictures including a US M7 Snow Tractor, RG32M to a high speed US M4 Tractor.

17. Goes on about another show in the show looks like a 4x4 course showing some of the different army vehicles driving through some extreme terrain more pictures than the text some great action shots with various vehicles.

20. Next sees some Leopards 1A5(BE) in some competitions this is another section where if you are about to take on a leopard tank you have some great ideas for your tanks with camo and netting on different tanks further pictures sees the Leopard being put through its paces with one going through some really deep water, now there is a thought for a diorama.

26. Next goes on about a joint manoeuvres in Winter Shield II on the 12th of February 1961 some more great pictures of the M51 recovery tank in action series of pictures of it pulling tanks out of rivers collapsed bridge.

28. The second history section shows the Ambulance and medics section of the there is a lot of German text here with a few pictures the pictures are very good and show a variety of different Ambulances. They also have a collection of captured vehicles which they have changed into ambulances these include Austin K2 Citroens and Bedford's in 1941.

30. The British Army in the Rhine 4th Armoured Division on manoeuvres with loads of pictures of cold war British armoured vehicles. Some great pictures of Chieftains, Spartans, FV432 a huge M107 Artillery guns from the 1st Artillery Brigade great section covering the Nato tanks which also included Luchs, Leopard 2A4 and Gepard 1 one of the pictures includes Stalwart Mk2.

38. This section is on one of the branches of the German Armed force. this section covers between 1960's to the 80's. It goes into depth the different units with different vehicle type including a M113, schutzenpanzer Marder it also gives unit symbols and coloured plates of the different divisions.

44. A section on the armoured manoeuvres in Austria which was the last time for the M60A30 to be used some great shots here with different camo schemes a great section of pictures to help plan a M60A30 diorama.

49. Leopard 2 MBT a huge tank showing it in action from an exercise that took part in 2015 there is a lot of text with this article but also a some nice pictures.

52. Shows a military procession in Taiwan of this year with a great deal of vehicles on show and in photographs. Includes Humvee Mercedes trucks a pontoon vehicle Hemitts with patriot systems Artillery guns five pages of some of the Armoured force of Taiwan great pictorial.

56. Is a short section on German vehicles used abroad in the fight against terrorism, this is in Cameroun with a Unimog and Mercedes Jeep just a small piece just the one page with three pictures.


Although written in German I did find this book to be of use and I have to also say it brought back the memories of my old German teacher and learning German as one of my subjects, which helped me understand some of the writing, which helped a lot. The layout and attention to detail is of high standard and the picture quality is very high too. Tankograd Publishing have produced a small book that could help any armour modeller from the historical point of view to a more modern aspect it is well worth in my opinion the 9.90 euros.
Highs: The layout in book and high quality pictures make this a very good book especially for diorama ideas.
Lows: The low points well not much really apart from the German text.
Verdict: I found this to be a very interesting book and it has some high quality photos which for me being a diorama builder offered plenty of ideas for them. Tankograd Publishing do produce some really nice high quality books with tons of information giving you a
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 14, 2015

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