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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


The Boxer is a German - Dutch multirole Armoured fighting vehicle designed to accomplish a number of different operational rolls. The Boxer Ambulance marks a milestone when it comes to improving the equipment of medics and doctors into a hot combat zone. The eight-wheel-drive, armoured vehicles provide paramedics with maximum protection, the highest degree of flexibility and the best conditions for the care of critical and wounded on board. When time becomes the critical factor the boxer with its high mobility coupled with a readiness for action even under the most extreme conditions ensure that the soldiers reach their destination within the shortest possible time makes it easier for the medics to be able to start lifesaving treatment to the casualties.


It has to be said that with every Tankograd Publishing book that I read, I have enjoyed them more and more. This title the GTK Boxer sgSanKfz Ambulance is the In Detail Fast Track series from the front cover picture to the first page the gloss and well written contents have grabbed me from the start. First you learn about the design and development of the boxer with the second chapter talking about the ambulance. The technical side is covered in some detail with some of the different equipment. The setup is done so that the Boxer could carry seven seated wounded, three severe critically injured or one in intensive care, the gurney can be lowered and stored on the floor on the left hand side of the vehicle if not needed. The last chapter starts to talk about the various different versions from A0 to A2 explaining in detail about the differences and change in equipment.

The next page shows you walk around pictures of the sgSanKdfz - San - Boxer A0 the three following pages show in some detail the exterior front views and rear view side length picture there are a further three pictures showing the exterior drivers compartment side and rear of the vehicle.

sgSanKfz- San- Boxer A1 The first picture of this variant shows the Infantry Training Centre Hammelburg Germany uses this particular version. The next series of pictures show you the A1 of the High Readiness Joint Task Force Ambulances on the road the next two pictures give you an idea of the true size and shape of the vehicle parked on the verge with back door open and gurney out in readiness to accept a patient. Then in true Tankograd Publishing tradition we have a series of different close up detail shots of various external parts the pictures give a very good and clear idea of the armoured body, tool locker, tools and back door. The next series of pictures again give you a very good idea of the various armour parts on the top of the vehicle especially around the drivers and paramedic compartments. Then some fantastic pictures of the suspension showing the two different coil springs with integrated shock absorbers making it as soft and comfortable a ride over terrain for any casualties that are being carried in the back of them. The A1 version also carried extra armoured plates under the bottom of the vehicle and in the suspension while affording much better protection from mines and IED's.
sgSanKfz - Weisser San-Boxer A1 or white painted A1 version was prepared for an international mission. A few pictures follow showing some great detail. Followed by sgSanKdz - San-Boxer A1 This version was painted in the NATO three colour camouflage scheme the series of pictures that follow are very high in detail and give you a sense of just how safe an injured soldier would feel. A series of twelve external high detail pictures are followed by some fantastic pictures of the interior the first of which give you a real insight and idea of just how much medical equipment is stored in the vehicle. Depending on the situation it shows you how seven seated; three litter casualties; two litter and three seated casualties or one intensive care patient can be carried. We are then shown further interior pictures showing various medical monitors equipment stowage and draws. Oxygen, gas and air bottles stored behind the driverís compartment and opposite them paramedic bags hang on the wall. The last three pictures show the paramedics/ commanders' seat and the doctorís seat and driving compartment again showing plenty of detail.


I have to say that having an ambulance version to build and hoping to scratch build an interior with equipment I found this book invaluable. Every picture is of good high quality

Highs: The whole book is done with thought and precision, the pictures are fantastic the writing concise and factual.
Lows: Not enough of it I could have been reading this all night.
Verdict: If you plan on building the Revell of Germany model of the sgSanKfz Boxer ambulance then this book is really a must the pictures are very high quality and the information written is well formatted and precise. Highly recommended.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 23, 2015

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