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Pin Up Series Alice
Master Box Pin Up Series Kit No 3
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by: Richard Clarke [ 1964RAC ]


Master Box is a company based in Ukraine, they have been producing kits for a number of years. Their figure range has been steadily growing with some very interesting sets, for example the “Zombie Hunter – Road to Freedom” from the Zombieland Series of 1/35 scale figures, of which I have a few. And the “Skull Clan – Death Angels” from the Desert Battle series, again in 1/35.

When I heard that Master Box where producing a series of 1/24 figures that was good news, for me at any rate, as one of the many subjects I build, is 1/24 scale vehicles. These are Post-Apocalyptic vehicles and finding figures and accessory sets in this scale is very difficult.


The figures, sculptured by A. Gagarin, are all female in various poses, so could be used in a variety of ways, the more skilful modeller could easily combine some of the figures to give different poses, something I will definitely look at doing. The series contains 6 figures: No 1 – Marylin (MB24001), No 2 – Betty (MB24002), No 3 – Alice (MB24003), No 4 – Suzie (MB24004), No 5 – Patty (MB24005) and No 6 – Samantha (MB24006)

Kit No 3 – Alice (Posed standing holding an M1 Carbine rifle). There is one sprue with 15 parts in light grey plastic, in a rather large box. A head, helmet, two hair pieces, two arms, legs, two separate parts for the torso, 2 pouches plus straps as separate items, and the machine gun.

At first glance the moulding looks very good, minimal flash and the usual seam lines which can easily be removed. Good detail all over. There are no instructions, only a 3D render of the model on the back of the box with the part numbers.

Painting guide on the back as well, for Vallejo and Lifecolor paints. Box cover art work is starting point for colours, but I always try and paint figures with different colour schemes then those on the box.

The fit is good with a very little filling required, I use Plastic Weld from E.M.A Model Supplies which I find works really well for filling in any imperfections. The figure went together pretty well. As with the other two figures (Marylin & Betty) the hair is in two pieces with the helmet on top. I had to dry fit all three pieces to see where they lined up and then glue them, quickly making adjustments as I went along.

I joined the legs together and then dry fitted the torso, the fit was good. I fitted the head which was not a problem. And then added the straps for the pouches, again no problem with the fit. After these had dried I added the pouches.

The arms followed and then the M1 Carbine rifle, which sat pretty well in the hand. Sanding was next and this was followed by the model being primed. I would spend a bit of time adding a strap to the rifle (not included in the kit) to make it complete.
Highs: Like this figure a lot, the pose is excellent and works for most scenes. I can see myself using this figure a lot with my Post Apocalyptic vehicles.
Lows: Again the two body half's, but not a real issue.
Verdict: Over all a well sculptured figure, great detail and fun to build. Not too much effort required for most competent modellers, to produce a good 1/24 scale figure with an excellent workable pose.
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  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: MB24003
  PUBLISHED: Jan 24, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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JAN 24, 2016 - 09:22 PM
Nice job Biggles. I've not the 1/35 set of all 6 but haven't yet crcaked it open. This might just encourage me.
JAN 30, 2016 - 12:58 AM
The 1/24 scale figures are much better sculpted than the 1/35. But the figures are not always the same as the box artwork.
JAN 30, 2016 - 09:11 PM

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