In-Box Review
Update Set For Kv-1 Model 1942 - First Look.

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]

Why an update set?
Currently Trumpeter have three KV kits in 1/35th scale available along with two more about to be released. Personally, I have built and reviewed two of them with a third sitting waiting patiently in line. In the last few months I have also built 2 of the elderly and grossly inaccurate Tamiya kits. When I did my reviews of the two Trumpeter kits, the most obvious aspect which was lacking were the engine-deck grilles along with the rear (exhaust) grille. Another area which could have improved, were the support brackets for the side fenders. In the kit, they are fairly thick and would deserve some attention. So in conclusion, and as a starting-point for this First-Look, these are the principal areas requiring some enhancement.

Eduard's Update set - 35 824

Eduard 35 824 - KV-1 Model 1942 (1/35th scale), consists of two etched-brass frets, comes carefully packed in a plastic envelope with a cardboard stiffener. Considering the delicate nature of some of the parts, this is a real bonus... Set # 35824 is designed to upgrade Trumpeter's KV's in the following areas:
i) Turret
a)Turret hatch - a replacement locking/closing mechanism
b)DT Machine Gun mounting and ring (not seen on many Kvs)

ii) Upper Hull
a) Principally, replacements are supplied for the support brackets of the (seperate) kit fenders.
b) A new attachment point for the spring tow hawser attachment hook
c)New brackets for the front lights.
d) A tool-box (including padlock) is supplied for the fenders
e) A bolted strip is provided to give more detail to the inside of the fenders.
f) New, replacement grilles are provided for the plastic items in the kit.

iii) Lower Hull
The area which receives attention is the rear exhaust grill and cover.

The instructions are typically clear and concise of a product of this type from Eduard. Simple symbols are used to indicate when acomponent has to be bent and any modifications which have to be made to the kit parts. Although the PE set states that it is for use on either of the two (Mod. 1942) kits, some parts would be equally applicable on the KV2.

It is a fairly straightforward set although not one i would recommend to absolute beginners. It is a useful set although not totally vital to produce a good model of a KV. That said, those who wish to go the 'extra' distance with the donor kit will turn out atruy spectacular model from an excellent donor kit.

On the negative side, it IS an expensive set and although the value of the parts is high in both quality and applicability, $24.95 does seem a little high.

Highly Recommended
Further details

First off, my thanks to Eduard for supplying the review sample.
For this, and their many other products, visit the Eduard Website

Reviews of the two Trumpeter KVs can be seen: HERE AND HERE

A good indication of Trumpeter's recent KV series, can be judged by just FEW update sets have been produced - other manufacturers take note.. That said, the basic kit DOES have some areas which are worthy of attention, principally due to the limitations on plastic injection moulding...
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35824
  Suggested Retail: $ 24.95
  PUBLISHED: Nov 21, 2005

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