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T-34 chevron track
1942 chevron track for Factory 183 T-34s
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by: Peter Ganchev [ PGP000 ]


The T-34 was the most produced Soviet tank during WWII – sort of trademark for USSR’s involvement in the greatest conflict in history of man along with the Katyusha rockets. A number of factories produced their own variations of hulls, turrets, wheels and tracks. As a result a particular T-34 could represent almost random combination of parts from various sources, producing an attractive modelling subject.

Among the many styles of track is the subject of this set – a Zavod no. 183 “chevron track” of early 1942 design.


Six lengths of resin track runs on their casting blocks in a zip-lock bag with a paper header.


As stated on the packaging this is the fourth type of track for the T-34 the company has produced in 1/48th scale. The parts are cast in grey resin – and the colour really helps details pop.

Flash is only evident on the casting block connectors. As the edges of the track lengths are pretty thin. I’d recommend removing the casting blocks with a sharp blade rather than breaking them off in order to prevent damage. A quick sand of the edge should complete preparation for assembly.

OKB tracks can be easily bent around idlers and “sprockets” if you dip the track strips in hot water for a few seconds (or heat them with hair drier). You can then form the curve you wish within 5 seconds before the tracks cool down.

To help visually separate tracks better – you can create small grooves along the hinge lines. My recommendation would be to use a strip of several tracks as a test for your method first – the length supplied includes approx. 20% spare.

The extra tracks can also be used to add detail or stowage to your model. Individual links are well defined and will separate after several passes along the hinge line with a needle stuck in pin vice. The well-cast hinges will allow the tracks to easily join strips to produce a longer track segment.


If you are looking for a way to add detail to your T-34 in the Quarter scale – these tracks are an excellent option. Quality casting, easy to work with material, high level of detail, extra length you can play with, requiring no extra work to replace the stock part.
Highs: Nice change from the waffle track, high level of detail, excellent casting, easy to work with.
Lows: n/a
Verdict: Highly recommended for T-34 fans.
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: T-34
  Suggested Retail: 15 Euro
  PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2016

About Peter Ganchev (pgp000)

I bought and built my first kit in 1989. Since then it's been on and off until about 4 years ago, when modelling became the main stress-relief technique. Starting with 1/72 aviation I've diversified into armor, trucks, artillery and figures, as well as a number of other scales.

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