In-Box Review
Dead Insurgents -- OIF

by: Nathan Phelps [ PORKCHOP ]

With a growing line of Operation Iraqi Freedom-related figures coming on the market (including an impressive set of Marines from Warriors) this two-figure set provides another dimension for both figure and armor vignettes and dioramas.

In The Box

As stated, this is a pretty simple set but it’s nice.
The kit is made up of a total of four parts. The figure laying down is cast as a single piece while the one slumped on the wall just needs his right arm attached. A small duffel bag is also included in the set.
Both figures are dressed in a mix of civilian clothing that can be painted however the builder chooses. The prone figure is wearing a pair of shoes while the slumped figure has sandals.
The small duffel bag is partially open with an ammo magazine sticking out of the zippered area. No weapons are supplied with the kit

The build (well, sorta)

Normally I would build figures for a review, but with so few parts there isn’t much to do, so this is more of an “in-box review.”
Mold plugs will need to be removed from both figures. That should be quite simple on the prone figure as all the builder will need to do is cut the flash and the plug from the figures feet. My sample will also require the removal of a little flash around his right hand, but that’s pretty minor work.
The slumped figure has a plug that runs the length of his underside. This looks like it will come off with just a little work but the builder should take care when cutting around the feet and the backside of his left hand.
The right arm is a separate piece that requires the builder to cut away flash the pour stub from the bottom of the hand, so care should be taken there.
I dry-fitted the arm and it seems to fit OK. A tiny amount of putty will be needed, but it’s a decent fit that shouldn't cause too many -- if any -- issues for builders.
Casting looks clean, the folds in the clothing are nicely done and facial details look good. There’s a nice level of detail all around on these figures.


I saw these figures used in a diorama at MMSI in Chicago last month and they worked well in that piece of work. A simple set, these figures should help add some “context” to both figure- and armor-based vignettes and dioramas. About the only thing the builder will need to find for themselves are weapons, but in 1/35th there should be plenty of choices out there.

The figures are sculpted and painted by Bill Chilstrom.

Thanks to VLS for providing the review sample.
This is a simple but nicely detailed set of figures representing two dead Iraqi insurgents that should compliment the growing line of OIF figures hitting the market.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35589
  Suggested Retail: $25.98
  Related Link: Warriors/VLS website
  PUBLISHED: Nov 26, 2005
  NATIONALITY: Iraq / لعربية

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