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M1 Abrams Breacher
The M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) - Technology and Service
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


The following introduction is provided by Tankograd Publishing;

The M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) is the newest and long expected addition to the M1 Abrams tank family. The M1 ABVs fielded by the US Army and US Marine Corps marked the end of a very long search and development by the US Armed Forces for a vehicle to clear mines, as well as one that can be used as a dozer to clear battlefield obstacles and to prepare firing positions. Today, the USMC fields 52 M1 ABVs and the US Army procured 187 vehicles.

This publication explains the development history and technology of the M1 Abrams Breacher in great detail. An extensive photographical walkaround allows the reader to see all of the details of the assault breacher vehicle when compared to the main battle tank and shows the specialised engineer equipment.


The Abrams main battle tank is possibly only second to the Leopard in its various guises as regards the interests of modellers. With the recent news from Meng Model and the previous releases from Dragon Models of the Abrams, it is possible that a model of the M1 Abrams Breacher will turn up. This title from Tankograd Publishing will be an absolute must when that day arrives. This title is one of Tankograd Publishing duel language titles, German on the left and English on the right of each page. The paper used is a good quality semi gloss offering with a thick card cover that is finished in full gloss. The book consists of 64 pages in total, but the cover has also been used to provide further images.

A look through the title gives me the impression that this is as close to one of the ‘In Detail Fast Track’ series of books as you can get, don’t get me wrong, I see this as a positive aspect of the title. The text starts with a short introduction on the problems that mines represent and the M1 Panther II used in Iraq. I did not realise that only six of the M1 Panther II’s were built and were left in Iraq with the various units as they changed over, it would appear that to day nobody knows what happened to these vehicles or where they are.

The title then moves onto the M1 Abrams Breacher and explains how it came about after the Grizzly development was cancelled, and why it was cancelled. You are then provided with an abridged history of the M1 Breacher by Tankograd Publishing. This is followed with some specifics of the vehicle, and this also includes the various tools used in mine clearance and defensive equipment.

Moving onto the photographs, which I am sure, is what interests many of you reading this. The M1 Panther II’s, while not the subject of the title are covered quite well in the images, and I am sure that anyone who has purchased the Dragon Model offering will find the images of help when detailing this model. Each of the photographs is accompanied with very good captions, these captions in both German and English, provide a good amount of information on every photograph in this title from Tankograd Publishing.

The images of the M1 Breacher have been broken down into specific areas. The photographs start with images of the Breacher in Afghanistan and a series showing its party trick with a rocket towed explosive rope charge. The images then continue with a very nice walk around under the heading of technology. The walk around then continues under different headings such as;
Turret – Hull
Integrated Vision System
Commander’s Cupola
High Lift Adapter
Combat Dozer Blade
Full Width Mine Plough
Reactive Armour Mounting
MICLIC M68A2 Training Round
MICLIC M58A4 Live Round
Lane Marking System


Tankograd Publishing has done a spectacular job of covering the M1 Breacher in this title from a photographic stand point, and if like me, you expect to see one of these in your life time, Get the book. I feel it is an excellent photographic reference for the Breacher and the various tools that can currently be mounted on it. Having looked through the title several times during the course of writing this review, I cannot find an aspect to pick fault with, it really is that good considering the number of available pages.
Highs: A really high quality walk around of the vehicle accompanied with a good level of text. Ralph Zwilling and Walter Böhm have done themselves proud.
Lows: None
Verdict: Well worth picking up, if like me you expect to see a model released in your lifetime.
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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A definite must have. I hope it's available soon. Nice to see they included the Panther II. Don M.
MAR 24, 2016 - 04:18 AM

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