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Militar Fahrzeug
Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


1 Editorial
2 Leserbriefe / Leopard Tank (Readers Letters)
4 Bundeswehr Unser Heer 2016 (Our Army) (German Army)
10 US Army Manovereihe Long Thrust
16 Fahrzeug Historie der Wehrmact Panzerwagon Skoda PA II
18 Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr Iveco 15t 8x8 3-Seitenkipper FSA
24 Britische Armee Panzerbergung auf die "Britische Art"
31 Museen - Events- Sammlerszene Mollerodtage
32 Fahrzeug - Historie der Wehrmacht Der Starkste WH-LKW: Pioneer R100 "Jumbo"
36 Moderne waffensysteme Heer Der BvS10von BAE Systems Hagglunds AB
41 Museen - Events- Sammlerszene Museum Full
42 Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr Faun 10t L912/5050 AK Gleitkipper
47 Leoparden International Leopard-Leasing/ Manover Naab Jubilee 11/77
51 Deutsche Militartechnik im Ausland Mercedes Benz LKW in Asien
56 Museen - Events- Sammlerszene Borne Sulinowo


2 Readers letters first and some interesting history about the Canadian Forces G wagon asking some questions about an article. Some information on British Trucks of the Cold War 1945 - 1975 some nice photos here including a panzerhaubitze M109A7 and leopard 2 PL

4 This feature is superb for its pictures of the German Army with Fennek, Dingo, Puma, Marder, Boxer, Boxer san, Eagle, Fuchs and various other German vehicles one I have to say I cannot wait to see a model version the Multi FSA if you are doing any work on the modern vehicles you can get a great idea with some of the great pictures in the book

10 is a fascinating article on the US Army on troop movements along the iron curtain and a trailblazer in 63 now I did like this and found myself looking at it and picking out the words that I knew from my German lessons many years ago the pictures they say speak a thousand words which I have to say really do especially if like me you like making dioramas. There is the great colour profile document showing infantry company mech and Armoured company on the other pages there is some maps showing the locations of the build up and a picture of a very unusual couple of pictures of one of the most bizarre looking helicopter.

16 Panzerwagen Skoda PA-II I found this article helpful pictures at least as I have one of the Takom Skodas in my stash to do

18 More modern German Army trucks with again fantastic pictures Iveco 15t truck in different colour schemes still very useful for the different modern camo's

24 British Army REME at work with some selections of the chieftain based running gear with recovery top. for anyone into British Army engineering it is a great article with yet again some great pictures

31 Is the first of a collection of old vehicles and museum pieces which include a Stug US Recovery truck and an APC small article

32 Scammel Pioneer R100 Jumbo and believe me this is one beast of a vehicle some great old pictures of the Jumbo being used in variety of ways with different armies again some more great photographic history

36 Back to a more modern vehicle the BAE Hagglund very similar to the Viking that the British commando's use a modern vehicle that is able to transverse some very rugged terrain quite a nice article

41 Is another Museum visit with a collection of different vehicles

42 Faun 10t L912/5050 Truck an older version of the faun and not one I was familiar with there are some nice black and white photos and a couple of colour ones too

47 The Royal Canadian Dragoons and an article of the Leopard - leasing now this is a nice article going into some of the history of them using the Leopard some very good pictures for anyone that is into the Canadian leopards

51 Mercedes Benz Trucks lots of different LKW trucks now again I do like some of the different trucks and have a varied collection in my stash to build and I really like the four by four Mercedes truck

56 More events with some older army vehicles including tanks and artillery small article and the finish of the magazine
Highs: For the pictures alone I feel it is worth the money one of the things I really like is the mixture of history and modern army vehicles.
Lows: First off not a low but if you cannot speak a word of German you may find it hard going but the pictures are still good.
Verdict: If you are a collector of military history and or modern then this is a good way of getting some of the pictures that you could use in your build, or If like me you are into building dioramas then this is a good reference.
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 23, 2016

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