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Recycled Troops - 2
Recycled Troops - 2
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]

Weird Armies Reign (WAR) from Greece brings is another set of resin figures in their fictional ’46 concept. They already made a number of tankers for Soviet-Asian coalition and a set of “Recycled troops”.
This set Ref: WM004 is a continuation of their “Recycling” topic and is purely fictional. As I had a pre-production copy for review I don’t know how the box art would look like but I assume it will be similar to their other releases with the product photograph on top. Otherwise it is packed in the same hard cardboard box with resin parts sealed in clear zip lock bags and isolated by foam pieces to prevent damage during transportation.

WM004 includes 1 full figure of a zombie nurse and 2 busts/trunks. The latter come with pieces of terrain and can be submerged into the desired base depending on the idea of a modeller.

The “nurse” figure is based on Soviet WW2 military nurse uniform and represents a standing figure with torn uniform. Her pose is quite twisted with contracted hands and bent neck. One of the legs is naked and the other one is wearing a high boot. She has a beret on her head and long hair gathered in a tail. On her side she carries a large medical bag typical for Soviet WW2, but somehow the strap for the bag is under the duty belt. The quality of sculpture is very good and casting is rather good as well. There were some minor defects like a seam on the rear part of the skirt and naked leg which are easy to fix with some careful sanding.

The larger bust is a soldier coming out of the terrain and he is visible from his chest. One of the arms as above the ground the other one is still under it. He has a Telogreika jacket with epaulettes and buttons and a helmet, the face appears to have signs of decay. There are some small bubbles in the helmet, but this is easily fixable.

The small bust is a face and a hand just started coming out of the earth. The detail is quite good on it and there is also PPSh ammo drum lying behind the head.
As with other resin figures you will need cyanoacrylate glue to build the walking nurse figure and incorporate into scenery/groundwork (or epoxy). While the subject is controversial and is not of a large interest for historical modelling I believe it will fit well into various experimental, what if and fantasy scenarios. Great item overall!
Highs: Interesting set with a lot of possibilities.
Lows: Minor casting defects.
Verdict: Recommended for fans of zombies, "what if" or post-nuclear fiction scenes.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WM004
  PUBLISHED: May 14, 2016

Our Thanks to Weird Armies Reign!
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zombie soldiers are very bizarre.
MAY 14, 2016 - 02:18 AM

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