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1/35th Scale Decal Set: KV Family Part 2

by: Jim Rae [ JIMBRAE ]


With the recent decision by Trumpeter to give us a superb range of KV variants in 1/35th scale (and at least two more to be released), some of the AM companies have been rubbing their hands in anticipation. Not that the kits do need a lot in update sets (engine grilles, replacement fender brackets and storage boxes notwithstanding) , however one area that does need addressing are alternative decals. Each of the Trumpeter KVs, contains decals for one vehicle. Some of the choices are quite eye-catching, but do tend to represent vehicles which were painted up for propaganda purposes, rather than representing 'true' combat vehicles...

Therefore, the case, I believe, has been made for alternative schemes. With this (and the other sheet) Armo has produced a very useful 8and considerable) alternative...

Armo's Decal Sheet - 35409

Armo 35409 - KV tanks family vol.2 consists of a snap-lock plastic bag containing the 13cm x 18cm decal sheet along with two (double-sided) photocopied A4 sheets which contain the placement details along with color schemes for the respective vehicles. No less than 20 subjects are covered on the sheet which consist of the following:

1. KV-1 E. Unit unknown. September 1941.

2. KV-1C . 260th Guard Armoured Regiment. Leningrad Front, June 1944.

3. Kv-1B . 124th Armoured Brigade. Leningrad Front, October 1941.

4. KV-1 A. Unit unknown. 1941.

5. KV-1. Unit unknown. Moscow area, Winter 1941/42.

6. KV-1. 6th Guard Armoured Brigade. South-Western Front, May 1942.

7. KV-1 B. Unit unknown. Moscow, Spring 1942.

8. KV-1 B. Unit unknown. South-Western Front. 1942.

9. KV-1 s. Tank column “Moscow’s Farmer”. December 1942.

10. KV-1 B. 116th Armoured Brigade. Voronesh Front, Summer 1942.

11. KV-1 C. Unit unknown. Kalinin Front, Winter 1942.

12. KV-1 C. Unit unknown. Kalininsky Front, Winter 1943.

13. SU-152. Unit unknown. East Prussia. February, 1945.

14. KV-8 s with KW-8 turret.1st Baltic Front, Lietuva, Summer 1944.

15. KV-1 A. 106th Independent Armoured Battalion. Leningrad Front. September 1941.

16. KV-1 B. Was paid for by Communist Youth International. March 1942.

17. KV-1 s. 5th Guard Heavy Breakthrough Tank Regiment. Bryansk Front, Orel, August 1943.

18. KV-1s. 14th Guard Heavy Breakthrough Tank Regiment, Don Front, December 1942.

19. KV-85. 1452nd Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment. Crimea, April 1944.

20. KV-1 C. 116th Armoured Brigade. Voronesh Front, May 1942.

Register and color density on the sheet is excellent. The individual markings contain an absolute minimum of carrier film. The only apparent problem, is that with some of the subjects. So far we haven't had a good late KV or KV-85 in 1/35th scale yet - Trumpeter take note!!! The inclusion of the SU-152 is a useful bonus as well...

The negative note on this (and the other sheet) is, without a shadow of a doubt, in the instruction sheets. They are, in a word, nasty. There is some justification for this, fiirstly, they are clear enough (albeit not very pretty) secondly, if one balances the price of the sheet, I would prefer good decals to a 'flashy' instruction sheet...


An excellent piece of work from Armo. The price is excellent and the quality first-class. Unfortunately, the lack of some of the vehicles in (modern) kit-form remains a problem. That said, if you are in the least bit serious about KVs, get both these sheets!

VERY Highly Recommended...

Availability etc...

Armo's products are distributed from Jadar Model in Poland, from where I purchased these. Their excellent website/on-lijne store, can be seen: Jadar Hobby Store

The other review (part 1), can be seen: HERE
In this, the second (of two reviews), the second part of the Polish manufacturer Armo's KV decal sets is given coverage. If their is a fault with the Trumpeter KV series, the kit decals are not exactly imaginative and some alternative will have to be found to make it more than yet another 'out-of-the-box' kit....
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35409
  Suggested Retail: €5.67 / $6
  PUBLISHED: Dec 15, 2005

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