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Militar Fahrzeug
Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug
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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


Tankograd Publishing have been publishing for ten years now and have produced many different books and magazines across a wide range of different military subjects. Militare fahrzeug I believe started out in 2014 as a quarterly magazine covering most subjects from world war 1 till the present day.


Page 1. Editorial
Page 2. Lesserbriefe/ Kuriouses (Readers letters).
Page 4. Duestche Rustungsprojekte - Heer. SPz LYNX- Neue Wege Fur Den Marder.
(German armamentprojects - army SPz LYNX new ways for the Marder.)
Page 10. US Army Engineer Bradley M2A2 ODS-E.
Page 15. Waffensyteme der Bundeswehr Kleine Boxer Modernisierung.
(Weapon systems of the German Army Small Boxer modernization).
Page 16. Fahrzueg - Historie Der Wehrmacht GeschutzKraftwagen (KW-19).
( Vehicle - history of the armed forces Cannon motor vehicle).
Page 22. Museen-Events Sammlerszene GUNFIRE Artillerie museum Brasschaat.
( Museum - Events Collectors Scene Gunfire Artillery museum in Brasschaat Belgium) .
Page 24.Waffensysteme Der Bundeswehr Leopard 2A7V .
(Weapon Systems of the German Army Leopard 2A7V).
Page 30. Sonderbericht- Im Focus 130mm Panzerkanone L/51.
(Special Report In Focus 130mm Tank gun L/51).
Page 32. Artilleriesysteme der Welt Schwedische BANDKANON 1.
(Artillery systems of world Swedish artillery gun).
Page 38. Veranstaltingen der Bundeswehr Neues von der Bundeswehr - WTD 41 Trier.
(Arrangement of the armed forces new for the armed forces WTD 41.
Page 42. Britische Armee Bedford TM 4x4 und 6x4.
(British Army Bedford TM 4x4 and 6x4).
Page 47. Neues aus der Industrie LAV- CSV.
(Industry news LAV-CSV.
Page 48. Waffengattungen der bundeswehr Deutsche Panzergrenadiere Teil5-HS5.
(Branches of the German army German Panzer Grenadiers part of the Army construction).
Page 54. Museen- Events Sammlerszene Ente gut - Alles gut Duck -Tours
( Museum - Events Collectors Scene duck good everything good with Duck tours).
Page 56. Museen- Events Sammlerszene Museum Rokycany.
( Museum - Events Collectors Scene Museum at Rokycany.


Readers letters is always the first subject in this magazine where people write in to ask questions about various armour related things one of the questions is based on British Army trucks. There is usually a good amount of photos in this little section and some nice ideas for modelling.

Next is the Schutzenpanzer KF31 Lynx (Protective armour of the Lynx) this article is about new approaches for the design of the SPz Marder . Rheinmetal Defence have designed a series of new armoured KF31 Lynx it goes into some depth about how it has come about and why. It also has six small pictures of the Lynx family which includes Infantry fighting vehicle, (the main vehicle of the article) Reconnaissance, Command & Control, Repair and recovery, Ambulance and Armoured personnel carrier. Very useful for anyone wanting close up pictures of a lynx (Marder) there are a dozen or so high quality image photos.

Engineer Bradley M2A2 ODS-E. This article talks about the decades of use the M113 was used and all of the different variants that were used by the American Army Engineering corps and transportation vehicle. The Bradley then took over the role as the engineer squad vehicle being far more superior. It goes on to some of the history of the ODS-E M2A2 vehicle, Operation Desert Storm Engineer Bradley fighting vehicle. I found this article of some interest and the possibility of doing a Bradley as an engineer vehicle for a diorama. Again quite picture heavy will be of interest to most modern military modellers with some great shots of the Bradley towing a trailer and the internal picture of the engineer version is particularly good.

Kleine BOXER Modernisierung is a small article one page about some new modernising to the GTK Boxer with four pictures and very little writing showing areas that have been upgraded or modernised.

The Fahrzueg-Historie is one of the history articles showing in this case the Sd.Kfz.1 Geschutzkraftwagen. This article is full of black and white pictures of one of Germany's first gun carrying vehicles in the early 1900 hundreds. There are some incredible pictures shown of different types of gun carriers and a lot of historical reading about these old but wonderful looking machines.

The first of the Museen & Events Sammlerszene article. The Museum Events and collectors scene is a look round some of the nice collection of various soft skin and armoured vehicles at a museum in Brasschaat, Belgium. A well written small article telling some history behind some of the vehicles at the museum, nice amount of photos showing some rust and weathering.

Waffensysteme der Bundeswehr is quite a large article on the Leopard 2A7V and with the latest release from Meng of a Leopard 2A7V, this is of course going to be of value to anyone building or about to build the model of this tank. With lots of great pictures several close up pictures of the A27V although the article is aimed at the weapon system there is still some very useful information in this particular piece of work. A bonus being the 1/35th scale draft type pictures of five different variants from the Demonstrator to the impressive Leopad A2 7 with the 130 mm canon, The article finishes of with some great close up pictures of both the barrel and shells.

Artilleriesysteme der welt - schweden is an article about a Swedish self-propelled artillery vehicle in use with the Swedish Army from 1967 to 2003. The article goes on about the history and how it came about, another picture heavy article which gives some fantastic shots of the vehicle through winter and into some great summer shots. Also included in the photos is a couple of pictures of the loading vehicle that would help to load and carry artillery for the Bandcannon.

Veranstaltungen der Bundeswehr News from the German Army WTD 41 Trier is an article about a German Army open day with many vehicles in the field and on hard ground. Some of these vehicles such as the Wiesel 2 in digital intelligent technology (digital camo) lots of pictures in this article like most of the magazine. One vehicle that really caught my eye was the new vehicle from Rheinmetall company (this vehicle looked like the APC marines carrier from the film Aliens).

Bedford Tm 4x4 and 6x4 the load donkey of the British army 1980's and 1990's a nice article with some great photos of different versions of this British Work Horse. Pictures include of the generator version, troop carriers, fuel tanker, Reme Hihab, container and finally a bridge layer. Great photos for the modeller and the enthusiast.

Neues aus der Industrie Industry news is a small article about the LAV CSV with an arrangement of four photos around a very small article.

Waffengattungen der Bundeswehr an article on the Panzergrenadiere battalions. Plenty of pictures of the marders with several colour profiles of the different company’s one really good picture especially for those diorama makers of a KFOR SPz Marder 1A3 in the field.

Museum & Events & Collectors Scene. This two page article is of a company that own two DUKWs and offer tours around London with several stretches of water crossed or sailed up. These colourful old DUKWs certainly look the part, I am tempted to have a tour around on them the next time I visit London.

Museum & Events & Collectors Scene. The last article and only one page but again you can not fault the way Tankograd layout their pictures providing plenty of inspiring work for modellers. This Museum houses several different type of GAZ trucks an SA 6 guide line rocket on the back of a tractor and trailer and is at Rokycany in the Czech Republic.


Tankograd really have some very talented editors that have the ability with their layouts, to not necessarily have to change the language to get across to you what it is they are saying. I have always thought of a picture says a thousand words and Militar Fahrzeug as a student of the great hobby of model building can be very helpful with the way they approach the subjects but especially with the pictures another thumbs up from me.

Highs: As with all of the Militare Fahrzeug magazines they are very good and thoughtfully laid out with a ton of great photos.
Lows: A little frustrating sometimes that my grasp of the German language does throw me on some of the articles.
Verdict: I really like them some of them better than others but each one will have an article that I really like and find very useful.
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 01, 2016

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