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CROWS II Base & Armor Hatch
M-ATV SOCOM Version upgrade. Part 2 - Protector Crows II base for M-ATV and armor hatch with inside parts
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]


The M-ATV SOCOM is a member of the Oshkosh family of M-ATV mine protected vehicle designed especially for Special Forces units. The M-ATV SOCOM variant features a modified cargo deck, intended to accept specialized equipment based on the requirements of each mission, as well as larger front windscreens for increased visibility. The rear storage is accessible through an armored cargo access hatch in the passenger capsule, which can seat five while operating a Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) or four with a gunner.

Live Resin produces a comprehensive four-part set to deliver the complete M-ATV SOCOM CROWS II system in 1/35 scale. The first set features M153 CROWS II with M240 (LRE-35223), the second set includes CROWS II base and armored hatch (LRE-35224), the third set provides the back armor cradle with ammo (LRE-35225), and the fourth delivers spent shells in CROWS II basket (LRE-35226).


This review covers the M-ATV SOCOM Version upgrade. Part 2 - Protector Crows II base for M-ATV and armor hatch with inside parts (LRE-35224), while the reviews of other M-ATV SOCOM sets from Live Resin can be accessed here: link.

The set is packed in a hard cardboard box. The CAD images on the box display the contents of this particular M-ATV SOCOM upgrade set, depicting the CROWS armored roof hatch, as well as the complete CROWS II system for M-ATV SOCOM consisting of Live Resin sets LRE-35223, LRE-35224, LRE-35225 and LRE-35226.

The set includes 8 resin pieces safely secured in a zip-lock bag. The resin looks amazing, very nicely delivered with no visible imperfections whatsoever. Large casting blocks feature very thin pour stubs with a minimal contact point to the piece itself. This facilitates the removal of the pieces from the carrier blocks and greatly reduces the necessary cleanup. However, some parts in this set are extremely delicate and a lot of care is needed to avoid breakage when handling them.

The set represents armored roof hatch and CROWS II base for M-ATV. I compared the Live Resin offering to reference photos and found a really good match, with all the details realistically represented. As for the size, this set was designed to fit 1/35 scale Kinetic M-ATV offering and, as far as I know, the base ring fits perfectly to that particular model. On the other hand, I have heard claims that Live Resin base is too big for Panda M-ATV model, some photos posted on Armorama forums confirming the issue. Therefore, I would suggest using this set with Kinetic M-ATV.


Before actually starting with the assembly, take some time to identify the pieces in the set. There are no instructions provided in the box, however CAD images featured on the box display the hatch in sufficient detail so the modeler can easily deduce where each piece goes. Tiny indentations on main parts help in optimally adjusting the smaller pieces.

The assembly is pretty much straightforward. I annotated the pieces on their carrier blocks and am showing photos of the assembled hatch with the position of each part. Please note the armored hatch can be built open or closed.

I also included images of the fully assembled CROWS II system to this review, showcasing all the Live Resin M-ATV SOCOM upgrade sets together.


M-ATV SOCOM CROWS II is the biggest project from Live Resin so far. It includes four resin sets which can be used together to build a highly-detailed CROWS II system for 1/35 scale M-ATV models.

Protector Crows II base for M-ATV and armor hatch with inside parts (LRE-35224) is the second part of the set and, as the title suggests, it includes the CROWS base and hatch. The resin pieces are nicely delivered with astonishing amount of details. The fit is perfect and the set assembles very easily, with the possibility of building the hatch in opened or closed position. Due to the fact this set is designed to fit Kinetic M-ATV, I would recommend it for that particular model.

Thanks to Yaroslav from Live Resin for this review sample.


M-ATV MRAP in Detail (G044), Wings & Wheels Publications

Special Operations Patrol Vehicles, Afghanistan and Iraq, Osprey Publications

Oshkosh M-ATV Photo Walk Around, AK Interactive
Highs: Nicely designed, well delivered in resin and easy to assemble. Fits Kinetic M-ATV model.
Lows: Size discrepancy with Panda M-ATV model.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LRE-35224
  Related Link: Live Resin website
  PUBLISHED: Dec 07, 2016
  NATIONALITY: United States

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