Book Review
Xtreme Modelling Issue # 12

by: Rhodes Williams [ RHODES ]

Another superior issues of Xtreme Modelling Magazine.

Contents in order of their appearance are:

The end of the war - Eastern Front (Part 2) by Daniele Guglielmi. In part two of Daniele’s photo essay on the last months of the war in Eastern Europe with an impressive collection of images showing German and Russian vehicles during the final push into Germany..

Nordic Twilight by Manel Arin. A nice little diorama in 1/72nd with the Revell Panther G and AlBy Sd.Kfz.250/1 plus figures. Loads of detailed photographs supplemented with text describing the building and painting processes.

Special Stug III. Destroyed Stug Late Version by Gary Kwan . An extensive article on the construction of a destroyed Stug based on the Dragon and Tamiya . Loads of images of the model showing the added interior and damaged parts with additional text describing the process. The article concludes with a technical description of the Stug III G inclduing wartime photos, text and illustrations.

Sturm und Drang by Bernhard Lustig. Another Stug III G using the Dragon kit. Images of the model under construction and completed with a very nice step by step painting guide.

PzKpfw IB Drilling By Manuel Huerta.
This model is based on a single photo of a Panzer IB with Drilling mount in place of the superstructure and turret and uses the Zvezda Panzer IB kit with Azimut Flakpanzer conversion, tracks from Modelkasten and Aires Drilling set. There are photos of the finished model and brief text describing the construction.

Red Power by Michael Rinaldi. T-Factory’s own master Mike from Mission Models builds an amazing Dragon JS-2M. Images of the model during construction as well as after painting showing the weathering process.

Berlin 1945 by Javier Franco. The Dragon T-34-85 is built with the addition of Royal Models’ engine in a diorama setting that includes the MIG Productions Panther turret pill box. A nice selection of images of the model during and after construction as well as of the finished diorama with accompanying text.

The Human Factor by Jaume Ortiz and Daniel Alfonsea. My personal favorite in each issue are these continuing pictorial step by step tutorials on painting a single Russian Tank crewman.

Almeria 2004 and Lier. Photo coverage of the two model shows with many of the models on display and in competition.

News. Three pages of reviews of new detail sets and books available for the modeller.

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Xtreme Modelling Military Modelling Magazine. Issue 12. Published Bi-monthly by Xtreme Modelling. 66 pages soft cover A4 format.
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 05, 2006
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About Rhodes Williams (Rhodes)

Born in Essex, UK, Rhodes emigrated to the U.S. and resides in Los Angeles. His modelling passions include dioramas and figurines mainly Eastern Front and Afrika Korps.

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