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by: Adie Roberts [ IN_WAR_AND_PEACE ]


After building my Merkava Mk IID, I setup my compressor and airbrush ready for the spraying. Using my old but trusty Revell air compressor and my faithful Harder & Steinbeck Evolution 2 in 1, I noticed that the air was louder than usual my compressor was leaking slightly. I tested the air using my old air brush it seemed to be working ok so I thinned the Sinai grey 2 to 1 and sprayed over the surface of the Academy Merkava. At this stage I realised that my air brush was blowing back and found that it was over spraying as a consequence.

This said I have to say I was very surprised at just how well the Sinai Grey paint from Ammo of Mig was covering; I had randomly sprayed some black around the tank to produce some different tones and effects. The paint worked very well with this and would lie lightly over the top, thus allowing the darker colours to just come through allowing the shadows to appear in the panelled lines.

I found the IDF, Sinai grey to be certainly the right colour for the Merkava tanks that I have seen both on film (you tube) and several colour photos from various books and internet pictures. The IDF Sand grey was very easy to spray both thinned and straight from the bottle, although only sprayed on one track guard it covered well.

The IDF, Green: I first off, thought this to be too dark however it does tone down when left and then like the Sinai Grey it looked to be a great match for the pictures that I did find that were in colour. There was some difference in the track guards and some of the colour profiles that I found this could be because of the quality of the pictures that were taken, how old they were, had they been cleaned up. The IDF have no specific colour they use .... meaning, there is no real numbering system to compare to when researching or building IDF models.

A basic look at what was used would approximately give us:
Up to and/or about the Sinai War - Olive Drab (ish)
About the 6 Day War - IDF Sand Grey (Khaki)
About the Yom Kippur War - IDF Sand Grey (Grey Khaki)
About the Lebanon War to present - IDF Sand Grey (Darker Grey Khaki)
At times, many of these colours will look closer to desert sand colours to green/grey, sand/grey and even purple-ish/khaki/grey.

Take into account the bleaching effect from the sun the blasting of the sand and dirt let alone the damage that these vehicles get in use it would be nearly impossible to get a colour right for the masses. What I think is right and looks good may not necessarily be what you think is right or correct.

I would like to thank my fellow editor and friend Todd Michalak for his considerable knowledge on everything IDF.


If you were to take into account the dramas I was having with my airbrush and compressor at the time I think that you have to agree that the paint really did cover very well. I do also believe that paints and painting comes down to peoples own choices and just maybe Ammo of Mig may not be to your liking but the colours are good especially the Sinai Grey and I was so impressed with the way the paint reacted when being sprayed rather haphazardly with all the issues with the delivery system.
Highs: The ability to cover the surface of the subject being sprayed especially to cover so well with the issues I was experiencing it was very good.
Lows: The IDF Green I thought was slightly darker than it actually turned out to be during spraying.
Verdict: Overall I have to say it is a very large thumbs up from me, I was suitably impressed with the way it sprayed diluted or straight out of the bottle.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 04, 2016

Our Thanks to Ammo of Mig Jimenez!
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About Adie Roberts (In_War_and_Peace)

I am disabled after a terrorist bomb I have in the past made models for TV and film and work with local museums making new models for display. I also take on commission builds for people

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