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Urban Panzer Ops
Urban Panzer Ops
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]


Tankograd Publishing recently released issue number 21 of their popular In Detail Fast Track series. This title is unusual in that it does not look at a specific vehicle, but instead looks at a training exercise and so covering many aspects. Interestingly Tankograd Publishing list this title as English text only and that is not the case with this release.


This offering of the In Detail Fast Track series of books is published as a duel language offering, German text on the left of the page and English on the right. All captions that accompany each and every photograph are also supplied in German and English. The text portion of this title is complete in two pages.

The purpose of this title in my opinion is to provide an idea to the reader of what is involved in urban combat operations. The setting for this exercise is obviously a European one, but to a large extent the methodology and equipment would be the same of very similar regardless of the location in which it occurs.

My personal perception of this title is that it is an excellent reference as regards Bundeswehr vehicles both soft skinned and armoured, but it also does a good job of providing reference on the humble infantry soldier and their roles within the German Army. As such this book for me provides many photographs that will encourage dioramas and vignettes with a basis in reality.

I like how this title provides reference on camouflage used in combat. Everything from the usual flora and fauna of which most of us are aware being used both on its own and in conjunction with camouflage netting, the title also provides great reference on the use of man made materials as camouflage, items such as pallets and cloth/hessian used to great effect.


Due to the large number of vehicles covered and for that matter small arms I consider this title of most use to those modellers who want to produce dioramas with a realistic setting. I found the title of limited use in terms of reference for procedure, but when it comes to the use of makeshift camouflage it rates very highly and it is for that reason I am very happy with this offering from Tankograd Publishing.
Highs: You will not be surprised that it is the coverage of makeshift camouflage that I find the most appealing.
Lows: The publisherís purpose did not really come across to me.
Verdict: For urban camouflage this is a great reference and well worth the cost.
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 07, 2016

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