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Terrain Modeling

by: Ronny Noben [ ROADKILL ]

This book in the Masterclass series is one that is a must read for any serious diorama builder, novice or expert. I’ve certainly picked up some very useful tips from it myself, and I can almost guarantee that you find something in there for you Richard Windrow starts at the beginning with tips on reference photographs, tools, extensive material explanations and techniques, then he gives a small paragraph on how to make a basic groundwork (the only disappointing part forme, since I found this to short).


Content of the book

  • Chapter 1: Preparation, Materials and Technique
  • Chapter 2: Rocks, Cliffs, and a Mountain Torrent
  • Chapter 3: Grass and Fields, Hedges and Bushes
  • Chapter 4: Modelling Trees
  • Chapter 5: An Autumn Wood
  • Chapter 6: Scorched Earth (Fire Effects)
  • Chapter 7: Jungle
  • Chapter 8: More Water Effects
  • Chapter 9: Sand & Gravel (Beach & Desert Effects)
  • Chapter 10: Tracks and Roads
  • Chapter 11: Modern Surfaces
  • Chapter 12: Snow and Ice
  • Appendix: Sources of Products200 color and 50 b/w photos, 128ppHard cover (A4 size)


Chapter 2 deals with rocks, cliffs, and a mountain torrent, and Chapter 3 with grass and fields, hedges and bushes. Chapter 4 is co-written with Barry Bowen, and is all about modelling trees to a very high standard and detailing. The following chapters then cover making an autumn wood, fire effects, jungles, more water effects, sand and gravel for beaches and deserts, tracks and roads, modern surfaces like asphalt and concrete including shell and bomb craters, and finally snow and ice. All of these are sumptuously illustrated with color photographs showing each stage of each process – a real step-by-step guide which everyone can use and follow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re modelling a small single-figure base, a meter-square diorama with tanks or aircraft, or anything in between – or even a reproduction of Siborne’s Waterloo set-piece – this book is indispensable if you want to get the groundwork right.


Where can I get a copy?
You can order it directly from the Osprey website (price at $29.95 USD) But I bought my copy at www.amazon.com for $19.95 USD (excluding P&P)When you want to by at amazone (which is relative fast - got my copy 9 day\'s after ordering), then it is wise to check at several amazone sites (example: amazone.com, amazone.de, amazone.co.uk). Why?Well, I live in Europe and it would sound logical to get my copy from the British website, but after comparing prices it proofed that it was almost $10 USD cheaper to get it in the US!


Although some of the materials are very hard if not impossible to get here in Europe, this book still give you some great ideas and tips on how to build your next diorama.It is without a doubt worth his money.Very, very highly recommended.Ronny - Roadkill - Noben

The book that every Diorama builder needs at his desk
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2003

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