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Nuts & Bolts Jagdpanzer IV P.1
Nuts and Bolts Volume 37 - Jagdpanzer IV Part 1 - L/48 (Sd.kfz.162)
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]


The Jagdpanzer IV, based on the Pz.kpfw.IV chassis, was built out of need for a mobile anti-tank gun that could re-position to a new firing position quicker then towed artillery pieces. While early mobile anti-tank guns were mounted on open top tank chassis, like the success of the StuG, the German Army was looking for crew protection. Development of the JagdPanzer IV began in 1942, with the first prototype presented in the spring of 1943, the rest is history, and covered in this new book from Nuts and Bolts.


Nuts and Bolts Volume 37 - Jagdpanzer IV Part 1 - L/48 (Sd.kfz.162)
Contributors: Joachim Baschin, Martin Block
Publisher: Heiner F. Duske, Tony Greenland, Detlev Teristen
Pages: 181


When I heard this volume of Nuts and Bolts was announced, I was very excited being a fan of this tank, and I was not disappointed. The book, in the usual Nuts and Bolts format is packed full of information and pictures of the Jagdpanzer IV.

The book contains text in both English and German, and contains many images. While the majority of the period images are in black and white, color photographs are included on pieces located in different museums today. There are also many colored images of some very nice built scale models.

As for the content of the book, being label Jagdpanzer IV Part 1 - L/48 (Sd.Kfz.162), which means the book covers some of the early variants of the tank hunter. Also meaning we can look forward to Part 2. The book from Nuts and Bolts is broken down as follows:
Historical and Technical Development & Production
Organisation and Structure of Anti-tank Units
History of Anti-tank Units
Camouflage and Markings
Modelling the Jagdpanzer IV Series
Contemporary Photos
Colour Profiles
Preserved Vehicles and Components

Starting with the history, the book does a great job detailing the development of the Jagdpanzer IV, including good descriptions of the major components, there is even a large table included covering the technical specifications. The book then moves into the production of the vehicle including the dispersal of the vehicles to units and the unit organisations. This includes the description of how the Jagdpanzer kompanies where organized and the different vehicles that were include at the zug (platoon) level and in the supporting groups. A lot of these are displayed in easy to follow diagrams and tables.

The book then goes on to provide some details of the Panzerjager tactics, followed by descriptions of the allocation of Jagdpanzer to the different Heer and Waffen-SS units, including a table of allocation numbers.

Included in the book, like many Nuts and Bolts, is a section on modelling the vehicle. This section includes a table of the models by manufacturer of the tank as well as a list of aftermarket detail manufactures. This is a great resource for modeller who might be looking for a specific variant of this tank.

All of this great information is followed by even greater images of the tank during the war. These images are black and white and contain good descriptions of the photograph. This is then followed by very well done scale diagrams of the tank itself, followed by color profiles of some of the tanks from the black and white images. Then for even more detail and reference, there are several walk around images of the vehicles and components at different museums. All of these images and drawings show to be great references for the Jagdpanzer. And to be noted, the book covers only the L/48 variants of the Jagdpanzer IV.


As mentioned at the start, this book from Nuts and Bolts, Jagdpanzer IV Part 1 - L/48 (Sd.Kfz.162) will not disappoint. The book provides great information regarding the development, history, production, and organisation of the Jagdpanzer IV. Coupled with great photographs and drawing, the book should be a great reference for any modeller and/or historian wanting information about this German World War 2 tank hunter. I very definitely recommend this book, and am really looking forward to Jagdpanzer IV Part 2.
Highs: Descriptive text, information tables/diagrams, great images.
Lows: Nothing of note.
Verdict: A great reference to the Jagdpanzer IV L/48, very highly recommended.
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  Mfg. ID: Volume 37
  PUBLISHED: Feb 05, 2017

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I really like this series for research into kits that I intend on super-detailing. Highly recommended (except maybe for the ever-increasing price tag...)
FEB 05, 2017 - 09:56 PM

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